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Have not read a single one of these! A Woman in Jerusalem has an odd premise but is a good one. Will be interested in seeing what you end up recommending from this list.


So many tempting titles here. I think, spontaneously, I would pick The Two-Family House and the Translation of Love. They sound great.
I can't believe Christmas is only a few weeks away!


I hope you get a lot of gift cards so you can get them all because choosing will not be easy!


That is a great list and I hope your gift card will cover most or all of them. I already have a Christmas gift in the house that my husband bought for me: "Christmas at Thompson Hall and other stories" by Anthony Trollope. Of course I will not actually have it until Christmas.


It will be interesting to see which ones really appeal once they are published--and what my mood is like after the holidays! I would love to go to Jerusalem someday, so I am always looking for books set there!


It's a little scary how quickly time is passing and how far behind in everything I am feeling at the moment! All my reading plans for the rest of the year seem to have just been thrown up into the air and now I am not sure what to focus on. I can't do all I want so must make a few decisions. And yes, both of those book sound especially appealing to me, too!


I usually make out pretty well between Christmas and then my Birthday shortly after. I will need to be very selective however since I try really hard not to buy hardcovers these days. I can always peruse them at the library first happily! ;)


I think I will be able to splurge on a few when they come out! It seems so far away, but here we are with Christmas barely a month away. Yikes. Isn't it nice to know you have a special book already waiting for you?! What a nice husband. Will you start reading it after you get it? I want to read Trollope next year--I bought the first of the Palliser books not too long ago.

Cosy Books

Thanksgiving has come and gone here in Canada but I just wanted to share in your love of pumpkin pie. It becomes a food group at my house every October...morning, noon, and night!

The book I'm looking forward to (it was published a couple of weeks ago) is A Notable Woman: The Romantic Journals of Jean Lucey Pratt. Christmas pressie, perhaps?


I can't wait for the pumpkin pie later this week, and I am with you on liking it in all its variety! I found a bar of dark chocolate at the store this weekend that has almonds and pumpkin spice! I just sampled some a little while ago and it gets a hearty thumbs up from me! ;) I hope you get A Notable Woman for Christmas! Must go look it up and maybe add it to my own list...

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