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Looks like they found the perfect person to pull that together! And how sweet it must be to see others enjoying the collection you picked. I see a bunch of books I'd like to read on the shelves ;). Congrats.


Looks like you've made some really good choices. I see a number of books I've read or want to read.


I was very pleased when I was asked to be the person to select books for this area! I think most people in the library know how much I love reading (certainly if how many books I drag around with me every day is an indication--people probably think I am sort of neurotic!). I am trying to make sure I get lots of suggestions from students and other librarians to keep the selection varied. It is very cool to put out new books and then check back later and see that some of them have been checked out right away!


I've been studying book reviews and bestseller lists and trying to notice the books everyone seems to be talking about right now--it has been great fun! I have read a few of these (checked them out that is) myself, so I get to enjoy the collection as well!


The joys of spending someone else's money on books! It's wonderful, isn't it? What a good idea to have a collection of leisure reading for your patrons. Sounds like a great idea. 30% of a collection on loan is about average (from the stats I've seen) so you're obviously choosing a good range of material.Congratulations!


This is a great initiative: your patrons will be very happy, I'm sure! I remember that when I was a graduate student at Cornell, their library always got a lot of new mainstream fiction, and so I was able to get both pleasure and scholarly reading in one place, which was really helpful (especially in the long winter!). Also, just from an "academic" point of view, popular fiction is increasingly an object of study and teaching, so over time this collection will almost certainly be dual-purpose. Have fun making your choices! The display you show looks very inviting to me.


What marvelous fun for you! Spending money on books that doesn't come out of your own funds, choosing books for others to enjoy, and then tracking what happens...I would love it, too. If I were a patron of your library, I would certainly be checking out your display. I'm afraid I don't have any recommendations to give you, as I'm usually hopelessly behind on current popular fiction! Maybe I should enlarge the photo and jot down some of those titles :).


So happy for you that people in charge have recognised your expertise :). It sounds like a wonderful project.


Oh Danielle that's fantastic! I am so glad it has been such a success and that you get to be in charge of it with a budget even as an ongoing thing! Congratulations!


What a marvelous assignment--I'm sure it must be fun to make the selections, knowing that these books are for sheer enjoyment and relaxation. I think recommendations from student workers would definitely yield some good titles.


A dream task that's now part of your job description! I envy you--how marvelous. Loved this post.
Judith (Reader in the Wilderness)


How nice to be able to spend money on such books! I am positively jealous! I'm sure you're doing a great job.


Now this sounds like a gratifying experience. That must have been fun. I'm glad you got to do this.


Oh yes! I have always worked in Acquisitions, so I get to do lots of ordering, but this is the first time I have ever been asked to actually make selections for the collection--it is very cool indeed! I think it is a great idea, too. We do have lots of fiction, but these days it is definitely modern classics and literary fiction, which of course can be totally entertaining, but sometimes you just want something a little mindless. I wondered what the average check out rate was--so cool that I am actually on track. I am thrilled that the books I am choosing at the ones that people seem to want to read right now!


So glad to hear it looks as good as I had hoped. I love to see students (or any patron) sitting with a book reading for a while--even if they end up just putting it back on the shelf. It is meant to be leisurely. I think you are right that a lot of popular fiction really is being used in courses--and I think there are a fair few faculty members checking these out, too (for whatever reasons...). We used to get far more mainstream novels/popular books and bestsellers--books from the 20s-60s or so but in more recent years with budgets tightening, there seems to have been far less of that, which makes me sad. Now that I have funds to order from I am trying to be a little more selective--at first we just needed books for the area, so I was ordering whatever I thought would appeal. Now I have a limited amount to work from and must budget a little. Still paperbacks are generally pretty cheap, so I am sure I can make the money stretch.


It is nice as this gives me an excuse to check out the bestseller lists and book reviews. I only want to make sure I am ordering titles that appeal widely as I know my tastes are not the same as others. But I do ask coworkers for input so I think I should be getting in a variety. It is so interesting to see which books are most heavily circulated. And yes, it is cool being able to order books for the pleasure of others!


Well, if not expertise exactly, certainly my enthusiasm! :) It has been quite a nice little perk for me. I love my tasks at work, but it is nice being able to order in 'fun' materials along with the more scholarly books we need. I was very flattered to be asked, that's for sure!


I am very pleased with how it is going and that we got another infusion of cash to see us through the rest of the fiscal year. And many thanks for your suggestions--they are always welcome at any time, you know. Hopefully this will get renewed for next year, too!


I have asked a number of students for their input and it is fun to see how close I am to getting it 'right'. I sometimes feel that my reading choices won't appeal to a younger crowd, but I was happy to see I was not far off really. I am very lucky to have been asked to do this--it is a fun part of my job now!


I have always wanted to do book selecting, so I was excited when they asked me! Only faculty get to work on collection development, so this has been quite a fun project!


It has always been fun to spend others money to buy materials, but all the better to buy fun books--not just academic titles. I lucked out when they asked me to work on the collection. And now I have an excuse to keep up on current trends and popular books! :)


I am, too! Someone somewhere must have known I need a little something to inspire me in my work! :)

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