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I would have enjoyed this event, Danielle. Thank you for sharing it.
Stradal's book has been on my radar, not on my Wishlist, as well as the New Prairie Kitchen...


Sounds...delicious! In every way. What a fun event. I already have Kitchens of the Great Midwest on my TBR list, so it's nice to hear he was compelling enough to make you buy the book--should be a good one.


What a fun day! I just found out about Kitchens of the Great Midwest from my financial adviser because he is/was one of her clients!

It is so true we have forgotten what real food looks and tastes like. Bookman now makes all of our bread and for a month or two during the transition he struggled because his bread didn't look like what we'd buy at the store. But when I pointed out why it didn't look like store bought and told him that I didn't care about that, he stopped worrying and our toast and sandwiches are better for it. Not to mention that it is cheaper and tastes so much better.


It was very well done--I was impressed. I didn't make it to the event last year so was happy it worked out this year. I am with you on the Stradal book--I new it was out and kept meaning to look at it, but just didn't get around to it. But after hearing the author speak, and his general enthusiasm and humor, I was instantly sold. I think it will be a good read. Also Summer Miller recommended it and asked questions, which tempted me even more. I am on the waiting list for a library copy of New Prairie Kitchen. I just weeded so many cookbooks from my books that I am trying to be ultra selective--but the quick glance at it looked like it is a good one to have!


I think it will be very good--the passage he read was so funny and it seems like a very engaging story. There is a chapter called "Bars" and it must be about the peanut butter bars one of the character makes--there was a surprise as the library gave out yummy samples during his reading of those peanut butter bars. It was a treat in more ways than one! :)


It is a very good trend, I think, the way 'we' are being so much more thoughtful about our food and where it comes from and what it should taste like. I love that you grow so much of your own--I would love to do more of that, though my 'green thumb' is not particularly green. Still, I use the farmer's market a lot and try and buy locally as much as I can. I am not a very good cook, but still salads with fresh produce and local cheese can be very delicious. I would love, however, to try my hand at bread. I am sure Bookman's bread is really delicious and who cares if it doesn't (actually I would say it is point in his favor) look like packaged sliced bread. It's all about how it tastes, so who cares what it looks like--and that is something else they talked about-not being afraid to fail in cooking experimentation. It is less about what it looks like and more that you and Bookman are enjoying it and your time together!


I don't think I'd like Lutefisk either even though I like (white) fish. What is a kolache if I may ask so?


The picture of the little pastries on that tiered stand are kolaches. They come from Central Europe I think. They are a sweet bread with a dollop of fruit in the middle and often have a drizzle of sugar icing over the top. They are pretty yummy--they don't all look like these--these are pretty puffy, but that is more or less what they are. I like them, but try not to indulge too often! :) I imagine there must be some very yummy Dutch pastries? What is most traditional?


The first coming to mind : Bossche Bol,(Bossche is an abbreviation of the name of the city I live in, bol could be translated as ball) a Bossche Bol is ) dough with whipped cream inside and a layer of dark brown chocolate on the outside. It's imitated all over the country but never as good as the real ones.


Oh my--I had to look it up and found pictures...that looks really decadent and very yummy. I am really going to have to try one someday. And since I want the 'real thing' I guess that means I will have to travel to the Netherlands to get it! ;) I have a terrible sweet tooth, but to be honest I try and stay away from sugary things. I can never just have a small taste-I always cave in and eat more than I should! I read that it usually is eaten accompanied by coffee and with eaten with the fingers--sounds right up my alley! :)

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