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I've not read any graphic novels like The Property, but I just discovered Lucy Knisley--funny how our reading sometimes parallels. I just read An Age of License, but want to read French Milk and my library system has it. I also just read Can't We Talk About Something More Pleasant? by Roz Chast, which is sort of a "graphic memoir," as well as being funny, sad, and touching all at the same time.


I'm glad that you enjoyed this book as much as I did. This year I explored many graphic novels, and the last very nice I tried were Gast by Carol Swain or Jane, the Fox and me by Fanny Britt. They are more dreamy than Rutu Modan's but they have a strong storyline. I'll check out the comments here to get some other ideas.


Sounds like another good one! I will have to borrow both of Modan's books in the New Year since I am already full up on books for the remainder of this one! Something to look forward to :)


We do seem to move in the same sort of reading patterns, don't we?! :) I've only started French Milk, but then the Rutu Modan book came in the mail and I decided I had to read it next! I should have waited probably as then there will be nothing more by Modan until she publishes another book. I am not sure I would reread a graphic novel, but if I did, she would be the exception. My library for the Chast book--I really must take a closer look at it. I have heard many good things about it.


She's great--I am only disappointed there is not more out there for me to read later. I did get my copy of her first book (a collection of her earlier comics), Jamilti which I just started. I have looked up the Swain and the Britt book, too. I especially like the looks of the Britt. I want to read more, but there is so much out there I am not sure what to pick up next.


I really like her and it would be cool if you gave her books a go. It's nice to have something good to look forward to later. Of course, already my reading list for next year is growing, too....

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