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Susan E

Wow, this book sounds wonderful. I totally agree that I read poems over again--I actually find that I get more out of any poem if I read it twice, so that's what I usually do. ( Of course, I also reread favorite novels and short stories, but usually years after the first read). Does she include any of her own or other people's poetry in the book?


Gillian Clarke is really a marvelous writer and observer. I wish I hadn't fallen behind in reading the book and had written about it every month as there was so much in it that I would have loved to share, but I think I might give it one or two more posts still. I think poetry is really something that needs to be revisited--it isn't just something that you consume and then finish and move on to something new--at least not the really good poems. I want to make it a point of reading poetry next year. I also reread favorite novels (normally comfort reads to be honest) and sometimes short stories, too, as I really do have a favorite list of stories (well, a mental list of them). She includes some of her own poems as well as poems by others and then refers to a number of poets and poems. If you like poetry or just really good writing, I can heartily recommend this! I've just got three or so short essays that she included in the front of the book left to read.


Lovely morsels from a book I still intend to read. I realize that I've gotten away from reading poetry again--I had been doing quite well, reading a few poems after breakfast every day. I copy poems I especially like and keep them in a file folder and I probably reread them every year or so. Someday I want to make an illustrated sketchbook with some of my favorites.


This sounds a wonderful book! I often feel I don't get much out of poetry - I'm reliant on the few poems that instantly speak to me, and the rest I tend to pass over. I also love books about books, so this is definitely one to look out for!


Glad you are still enjoying the book even if it didn't work out as a month-to-month read. All the quotes you share are wonderful. And yes, as a reader of poetry I can say I read poems I like over and over again. I don't read them looking for their secrets, I read them because the resonate and the feeling that creates gives me shivers of pleasure.


I should be better at reading poetry--I always plan on reading at least one book of poems--even if it takes me all year long, but here is yet another year and not one poetry book even picked up and held in hand. I love the idea of an illustrated sketchbook --what a lovely way to remember your favorites.


I think I only get my occasional poem through other readers who share them on their blogs! Someday I am hoping that I become a poetry reader. I do love books about books however and there has been lots of references to books and the author's love of reading in this one--I think you would like it very much. It makes me want to travel to Wales now, of course!


I hope to continue with my short stories next year, but I have decided this is not going to carry over--this sort of serial read. I did not do well with it at all sadly. I have a very small handful of poems that I am familiar with but I must admit I am not a regular reader of them. I think my favorite poet is Robert Frost. I think it is for the sound of the words and the images they make that makes me want to revisit them. It is nice to think of a poem giving you shivers of pleasure!

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