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John Edwards

I didn't watch Poldark but thoroughly enjoyed the books I watch very few films / serials and when they have been of a book I've read I've nearly always found them disappointing. I'm glad Poldark lived up to the books for you.


I've only read the first Poldark novel, but I enjoyed the TV version very much (no complaints about the casting of Poldark, for instance) and am now intrigued by the whole series and wanting more. Perhaps I'll add that to my 2016 goal of "advancing in the series" reads.

elizabeth Wix

Happy New Year!


There are a lot of books, aren't there? I have just the first two and hope I can read the books prior to the next season. I thought the TV adaptation very good, but then I was reading the book at about the same time as I was watching the show, so maybe I am not the best judge. It was certainly visually stunning.


As I have heard other say--eye candy! I think there are quite a few books and would love to read more. Have you heard of FictFact? If you follow different series books it is a very helpful website--a friend just introduced me to it, and so I am slowly adding the authors I follow which will help keep me organized!


Happy New Year Elizabeth--hope 2016 is filled with lots of good reading and all good things!


No, I haven't heard of FictFact--I will check it out, because I do have a terrible time keeping track of series books.


How does the time slip away? I even had a couple books I didn't get around to writing about and that has never happened to me before! You know, I came across another blog a couple months ago where the person had read So Big and she pretty much said the same thing about it as you did.


It's quite helpful and very addictive!


I still have a few of last year's books to catch up on writing about but now I might be lazy and let them go... Interesting about the other reader's experience of So Big. I liked it but it was not one of my more exciting books. Still, am glad to have read it and I will give her work a go some other time, I think.

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