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Oh, isn't Station Eleven wonderful? Unexpected and so, so good. Lots of other great recs in this list too, thanks!

Judy Griffith

Station Eleven was one of my favorite reads this year. I also got around to reading A Clockwork Orange and I agree that it would not be a very appealing world in which to live. After reading your recommendation of Girl With Gun,I was able to pick it up from my library today- just in time to start the new year. I enjoy reading your post and usually check in every day. thanks for,all the good leads to great reads. Have a Happy New Year.


Great list. The only ones I've read are Gillespie and I (loved your description) and Dominion, and agree on both of them. Happy new year to you.


I love your list. As you know, Station Eleven made my end of year list too. I still haven't read Toibin but really must. My end of year discovery was Richard Yates.
Happy New Year, Danielle. May it be filled with great books and many other good things.


Yay for Station Eleven! A very good year with lots of good reading. Did you find it hard to choose favorites?


I say it's ok to wait until the last possible moment as you never know if you'll find a great book at the end of the year! Love seeing your list of favorites. I've only read Sputnik Sweetheart which I loved. Adding several of these to my TBR list!


It was so good and to think that I actually returned it to the library the first time I had it out after reading only a so glad I picked it back up again and I see it has made other favorites lists, too! Am always happy to pass along reading suggestions!


I thought A Clockwork Orange was good, but definitely unpleasant in lots of ways. Station Eleven was excellent--I heard the author is actually writing a graphic novel of the comic that the character in the story was carrying around--that would be so cool to see it. I hope you like Girl Waits with Gun--I thought it was a lot of fun and very entertaining. The pacing might have been a little slow in places, but it is a read that is worth sticking to. I only hope she is writing another book with the same characters. Happy New Year Judy!


I know you like Sansom's Shardlake novels so I hope to pick up the first one this year! And also I saw that Virginia and Her Sister was one of your favorites so I have bumped my own copy well up the reading pile at your suggestion! :) Happy New Year Harriet!


It was quite popular wasn't it? I want to read some of her other work now. It sounds like she writes very different books. I think you will like Colm Toibin--he is such an exceptional writer--I want to read more of his work and wonder if he will round out the Irish books with a third to go with Brooklyn and Nora Webster. I have enjoyed some of his short stories, too. I really need to get around to reading Richard Yates. I have a few of his books--which one did you read--I know I have Revolutionary Road, which is maybe his most famous? Happy New Year Caroline--I hope the year sees more of your writing published!


I thought it would be hard since my reading year felt disappointing in other ways, but then when I was going through my list I had no problem pulling out books I really enjoyed. I only hope this year I am better at keeping up with my Excel file--I ended up filling almost the whole thing in at the end of the year--something I don't want to do again!! And I think your post on Station Eleven was one that helped prod me to pick it back up a second time!


I was finishing so many books at the end of the year that I knew I wouldn't get around to all the end of the year tallying until the last minute. I hope I can stay more organized this year.... I really would like to read more Murakami--if Sputnik is anything to go by, I think I will like his other books as well.


I’m sure you’ll enjoy them both, Danielle. A happy new year to you too.

vicki (skiourophile)

So many here I want to read! You've had a great reading year.


Here's my 2015 list!


It did turn out okay--I was sort of worried along the way! :)


Thanks for the link--looks like you had a good reading year. I want to read Pioneer Girl now, too! :)


I read Station Eleven after your recommendation of it and I have to say that I think that it is probably my favourite read of the year. I gave it to my younger daughter and she was equally gripped by it although on the face of it it isn't the sort of book that she would be drawn to.
I loved Nora Webster too but I think that I felt closer to the story and to Nora herself because I am familiar with small town Ireland of the time and I knew women like her who were capable of so much more than society allowed them.
Other than those, I loved Elizabeth Fremantle's Sisters of Treason about Lady Jane Grey's sisters after her execution - I find her books so vivid and involving that there is a real sense of loss when I have finished one. I have her next one Watch the Lady in my library pile and think that I might start it sooner rather than later as an antidote to the horrible weather and post Christmas slump - escaping to another time and place always helps!


I will look for Elizabeth Fremantle now that you mention her--I am in the mood for some good historical fiction--of an earlier sort than the usual WWI or WWII! I do have a number of good books on the go at the moment so I am optimistic about sticking to them. I hope this year will be a better year for reading than last. I loved Nora Webster, too. I can relate to her, maybe because of the age thing, but I can see where you would feel especially sympathetic knowing the setting well. I didn't think Station Eleven was my sort of book at first either and the first time I checked it out from the library it went back unread. So glad that I gave it another chance!!


I met Elizabeth Fremantle at the Harrogate History Festival in 2014 and she was really lovely. I had read her first book Queen's Gambit (about Katherine Parr) just before I met her and had thought it was wonderful - exactly the sort of story that you can just get lost in and I had felt bereft when I finished it and had to let the characters go.
Sisters of Treason is every bit as good so I can thoroughly recommend both of them unreservedly.
In a similar vein to Nora Webster, I really enjoyed Someone by Alice McDermott too although it is set in the USA over a longer period of the 20th century.
I think that you have read some McDermott in the past but I can't recall if that is one of them.


I've added the three Fremantle book to my wishlist. It has been ages since I have read a novel from that era or about the British monarchy. Now Alice McDermott is high on my list to be honest. I read The Bigamist's Daughter and have a hardcover of Someone! By the way--did you see the movie Brooklyn? I thought it exceptionally well done--saw it twice!


Found your blog by way of The Indextrious Reader. Station Eleven and the Mary Russell were both favorites of mine as well. Sounds like a great reading year and I look forward to following your 2016 posts.


Hi Mary, thanks so much for dropping by and leaving a comment--much appreciated! I can't wait to pick up the next Mary Rusell novel--I am on The Game and have just bought used copies of the next two books after that so I have them at the ready! Station Eleven was such a great read--I heard the author speak and she is just as interesting in person as you would expect. Now I will have to track down more of her work, and it sounds like everything she writes is just a tad different than her other books.

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