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I know you really like Maisie Hobbs so saying Marry Russel rivals her, well, that really is saying something! How fun to binge your way through the rest of the series but what will you do when you get all caught up?


There is a new Maisie Dobbs mystery coming out in March--yay. I might just have to pre-order it so I get it right away. No offense to Maisie, but Mary is sort of a 'warmer' character, though I still love her. I want to binge my way through-but we'll see if it happens. And if it does--well, if you saw the state of my mystery collection you will be happy to see that I will not be suffering from a lack of some other book to pick up! I can't tell you how many mystery series I have started but have fallen very far behind in....


Maisie and Mary are two characters you've introduced me to--and I love them both. I have many more books in the two series to read, so quite happy to have those reading pleasures in store for me. One of the things I plan to do in 2016 is advance in the reading of a number of series I'm into--these two, of course, but also Louise Penny's Three Pines mysteries, the Elizabeth Peters Vicky Bliss novels, and the Little House on the Prairie books, to name three that just popped into my head.


I think I want to pay attention to more series books as well--maybe try and read my way through a select few, but we'll see. Sometimes I don't like reading an author's work back to back. I read the first couple of Vicky Bliss books years ago--I think I have almost all those books but now I would have to start from the beginning again! And there is a new Maisie Dobbs book coming out in March--yay!

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