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As you've been sharing your experience reading these, I was trying to remember if I had actually read all the books in my youth. And I've decided that I did. I remember These Happy Golden Years pretty clearly. This has made me want to go back and read the series again. Interestingly enough, they don't seem to be available as e-books. At least not yet.

John Edwards

It is a shame that when we come to the end of a saga we so often have that bereft feeling. When they came out I read Diana Gabaldon's first few and then stopped. Now I have started again at the beginning but I know I'll feel really bereft when I get to the end.


This is such a wonderful series, and it stands the test of time. I have, as you know, read them over and over again.
Happy New Year.


What fun! You are bringing back memories of when I read these as a kid. But I also know because I watched the TV show so much, a lot of things got jumbled up between the two. But that's ok. Those were good times :)


I want to get back to this series. After reading Big Woods I never got back into it. I think I'll pull down Little House on the Prairie this week.

These books have been on my mind because I just finished The Wilder Life, by Wendy McClure, about her obsession with all things Laura. She weaves a lot of information about the real Laura into her account of exploring the historical Ingalls' family sites.


I can see how it could be strange to see a child character all grown up.


If all this sounds familiar I think you did read them all. I have just started the last book and I think it must have been published much later so I am guessing this was technically the end of the Little House books. I think it is perhaps my favorite but those earlier books when Laura was so little have a charm all their own. I will reread them all, I'm sure. I was also surprised that they have not been made available as ebooks--I did actually look thinking I could read them more easily at the gym on my ipad, but I want the books as the illustrations are part of the charm.


I agree--I am pretty much at the end of these books as I have finished them all, save one, which I think was written much later. I read the first three or four of those Gabaldon books and contemplated earlier this year to start over again, but I wasn't ready to commit--there are quite a few now, aren't there? I think I might reread the first four or so--did you see the TV adaptation and if so, what did you think?


Yes and yes. They are really lovely books and I am sorry now to be more or less at the end. Now what will I tackle next year? LM Montgomery maybe? The Betsy Tacy books? Hmm. Do you have any other childhood faves?


I didn't read all the books but I saw lots and lots of the shows, which means it was all jumbled for me, too--mostly where Nellie Oleson came into things. I don't have much desire now to ever see the show again but I will happily reread the books again. They are happy memories, but I am afraid of revisiting the show after reading the books and loving them so much.


You have to pick the rest of the books to read next year--you will love them. I was almost going to order the McClure book but I thin I might wait a bit. I might OD on all things Little House if I jump into the book. Does she come at the books in a good way--or is she trying to reveal things I would rather not know? Is that a silly thought? Only now I have such fond memories of the stories I want to keep them happy in my mind. I would love to learn more but not have the memories ruined if you know what I mean.


I think I spent so much time--took so much time reading the early books it almost feels weird to see her as a young woman. The books are really great though--I have totally enjoyed them!


I do know what you mean. I think she adds background information and expands understanding of the real life Laura, but there is a little bit of what could be considered negative information. It wasn't enough to spoil the memories of the books for me, though. She seems to really love and respect Laura, so that makes a difference.


That's good to hear! I will add the book to my wishlist, but I think I will take a little breather now from the Little House books and read something else for a while. I will definitely revisit the stories however!

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