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I read this one years ago and enjoyed it as much as the other books I've read from this series. It might be time to revisit.


Glad you made it through the long winter! ;)

The way things are shaping up here, winter will be neither long nor as cold as usual this year.


Lovely put's life in proportion when we read how people have had to survive experiences we are generally cushioned from doesn't it. It certainly makes me appreciate a full wood rack and a full freezer...


Little Town on the Prairie and Happy Golden Years are my two favorite Laura Ingalls Wilder books; and the romance between Laura and Almanzo is one of my favorites in all of literature. He is a true romantic. Happy Reading!


I've loved all the books I've read--I thought I had read them all as a child, but I think I never got to the last three or four. The Long Winter is very good--a slightly different tone than the previous books. They are definitely great stories to revisit!


No, I think you are right! This coming week is going to be in the 50s here! Weird, but I won't complain. I think the only thing about this year that will not be so nice--we might get more than usual sleet since it will be a bit warmer--hate having to maneuver on icy sidewalks! Am happy to be in the sunny days of Little Town on the Prairie--so weird to think of 'little' Laura wearing a corset!


I think I would make a terrible pioneer! It really is amazing how much work it took to just do the daily business of living. None of the conveniences we have now--people back then were certainly formidable. Thanks for the kind words and I am thankful for that microwave and fridge and well stocked cupboards... Am going to try and keep it in mind next time I want to complain about the snow. :)


I can see why--I am enjoying the more and more. So far I think Laura is more impressed by Almanzo's horses, but I think she will soon notice the young man behind them! They are really lovely stories and I am happy to hear they are going to have a nice romance-I could use a little right now. I thought I had read all the books when I was little, but I don't think I got to the Long Winter and beyond as a child!


I have never read these books, and yet they are iconic in American childhoods. I'll have to give one a go, and this does sound gripping and terrible and yet comforting all at once. I live in fear of a few snowflakes falling on the UK, as we grind to a halt in consequence and cannot imagine what other generations had to go through. Wonderful review, Danielle!


Thanks for the kind words. These are such great stories--I am halfway through the next book and thoroughly enjoying it. I wasn't sure if I could manage to finish these last three, but I think I just might. They read really fast actually. It doesn't take much snow to mess things up, does it? I am hoping that we don't have an especially snowy winter, but that might just be wishful thinking! :)

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