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I can feel the pleasure reading this series gave you even with an ocean between us. From what you write the books spread a genuine warmth. I can understand it will feel a bit like a loss when finishing them. Since I was given the first book in the series by a dear friend I am going to read it in the new year :)


It is a good book, isn't it? I think it's the one I've read the most...and I am always a little sad when I reach the last page. But it's nice to know I can always revisit Laura and Mary whenever I want just by picking up one of these amazing books. The question now is...what series are you going to read next year?


This book sounds like I would like it with the courtship of Laura and Almanzo and the entire story line.

Claire (The Captive Reader)

I have such happy memories of this book. Alongside Anne and Gilbert, Laura and Almanzo were the ideal romantic couple of my childhood. It has been many years since I last read this book but you've brought back so many wonderful and surprisingly strong memories.


I enjoyed These Happy Golden Years, but, in a different way than the other books, as Laura IS growing and grown up. I read it and take away different feelings and observances each time, which is part of my own aging process and perspective, I suppose, but, I always enjoy reading it.
Danielle, there is a blog you might be interested in. It has to do with all things Laura Wilder.

Happy New Year.


I really loved these books. The very last one was a little different as she write it much later and it was actually not even published until her death, so for me the series is really complete with this book. I still need to write about that last one--next week I hope. I hope you love the first book as much as I did. It is one of my favorites!


It was the first time I read this one. I think as a child I must have read the first three or four only, so I am pleased now to have read my way through all nine fairly close together. I think I had the TV shows jumbled in my mind a little bit with what I was expecting in the books. I will certainly reread these--maybe not in the same order, but now I can pick and choose as I like! I am not sure what to pick now--I sort of would like to read the Maud Hart Lovelace books-have you read those?


If this appeals, you might want to pick up the book that comes before this as Almanzo is living in DeSmet and is part of the story. Farmer Boy is about his youth in New York. It was fun seeing them step out together!


I have yet to read the Anne books--very remiss of me and I need to rectify that as I am sure I will love them, too. I think as a child I never read past the first three or four books so I missed all this. No matter, as the books are hugely charming even as an adult. Definitley books to revisit!


I think I would not have appreciated it as much as a young reader as I did just now! And I know I would have scoffed at Farmer Boy, which I totally loved. I will definitely be revisiting these books and have her books of letters to read as well as a biography, though I will take a little break from them and get back to those a little later this year. Thanks for the link--have only taken a peek but it looks like fun and so will be spending more time there exploring!


I've read her Betsy, Tacy and Tib books. They reprinted them when I was in Junior High and I bought the whole set. I haven't read them in years, though. And I haven't read many of Lovelace's other books. Can't wait to see which ones you pick to read. :)


I don't think I ever read any of the Betsy Tacy books and I am not sure if I was even familiar with them until another blogger was writing about them. I have some of her standalone books, so maybe I will start with one of those. I have never read any of the LM Montgomery books either....however! I think I'd start with the Emily books, though. Decision, decisions....


What it has been remembering these books while you read them. The First Four Years is an odd one, I seem to recall I was disappointed by it as a kid. As for going west, my Dad's side of the family came to Minnesota in covered wagons. They were all farmers and jack-of-all trades and I always used to imagine they might have had experiences like the Ingalls did.


It does feel different than the others--probably since it was written later and after having experienced life and lived in difficult times. I am sure I would not have enjoyed it as a child, so I am glad I only now have read it. How cool that you have stories from your parents about coming west. I wonder how my family ended up in Nebraska? My mom's dad came all the way from Sicily--what a weird place to end up-or maybe not. I should really do a little geneaology research someday.

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