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Must look up Blackbird. It being my favourite bird, just a hunch it might be not about birds, am I right? And let me guess, do I spot A History of Rain at the bottom? I've read so much praise for that.
I had Gratitude by Oliver Sacks - four essays- as my last read of 2015 and decided it would be my first for 2016 as well. I don't often reread immediately, but this was such a lovely little book. I am also (still) reading Etty Hillesum's Letters and a collection of poems by a Dutch poet. I think tomorrow or the day after I will be chosing a new novel.


There's nothing like a pile of good books just waiting to be read! I love choosing a new book for the rotation, but I certainly understand the sweet pain of making that choice. I want to read ALL the books!

I'm starting out 2016 reading Louise Penny's third Three Pines mystery, The Cruelest Month, and a nonfiction book, Beatrix Potter's Gardening Life. I've got several more books checked out from the library waiting in the wings--I went a little crazy with the hold requests last week. I'm also planning to go back to reading poetry. I was doing so well for a while, but I let that habit slide some months ago.


Look at the wonderful pile of books! It's my last weekend before going back to work too and I'm so not ready. If only we could get an extra week right? :)

Can't wait to hear more about your current reads. For me, I'm carrying over a couple from last year as well. Several good mysteries so I'm excited about that!


You're right--it is not about blackbirds in a nice, nature sort of way. It is a crime story and I have read the author before and very much like his writing, but this newer book is a little on the graphic side, which is why it was set aside temporarily from last year. I do plan on finishing it. I'm afraid the bottom book is also a crime novel--I think you might be thinking of the Niall Williams book? Also not a nice, cozy read (the one in my pile that is). I will look up the Sacks book--it sounds interesting and I have a feeling my library might have it. It says something about the book if you have picked it up so soon to read again. I want to read a book of letters or a diary for sure this year, though I should really start by picking up and finishing the letters written by Vera Brittain during WWI. I look forward to hearing which novel you choose! :)


It is a hard choice and I sometimes think I spend too much time thinking about it. Sometimes it is better to just make a choice and start reading and if it is not quite the right choice then go back to the pile and choose again. It's like when you go to a restaurant and make your selection and then when the food comes all you can think about is the other meal you decided against! ;) I have only read the first Louise Penny mystery and liked it very much. I will try and concentrate on Mary Russell, but I am making a little diversion by reading a standalone novel by Laura Wilson who usually writes mysteries set during/after WWII. And I have a bio of Beatrix Potter--I wonder if it is the same one you are reading? I have, however, decided to try and stay away from library requests (and a book buying moratorium) for at least the month of January. I have plenty of books on my own shelves to keep me busy and so am trying not to be too distracted. I did so well in January by sticking to my reading piles. Maybe it can carry over into Januarya.


Yes, I could easily fill another week with lots of fun things--things I need to do around the house, too.... I have tried to keep in a routine of getting up early, but tomorrow is definitely going to be a shocker--out into the dark and cold--brr. I am getting ready to start a new mystery--one by Laura Wilson. Have you read her yet? And I have Laurie King sitting close by. I also need an ebook on my ipad for the gym, and I think it may be the second Tess Monaghan book by Laura Lippman-I will read the paper at home and can borrow the ebook from the library--handy how that works!


Look at that lovely pile to start the year with! I haven't started anything new yet but I'll be picking up a couple books waiting on hold for me at the library this afternoon :)


I cleared so many off (so many for me that is!) that I thought I deserved a few new ones. Some of these are just 'planned reading' at the moment, but I will add them in as the weeks go on. And I suspect I will be diverted pretty quickly on to other books as well! ;)

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