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How cool! I think I've only been to one opera live, and watched a couple on TV with my mom when I was a teenager. My clearest memory: They put up captions in English, and some of the things they sang were funny! You can see I need some polishing up of my cultural sensibilities.

We have an opera series at our performing arts center, but I've never gone. That might be something to put on my life list.

Joan Kyler

I've been meaning to go to one of the Metropolitan Opera's simulcast shows at a local theatre, but, so far, I haven't made it. There is no reason for me not to love opera, I love music, I love drama, I love the costumes. Maybe this will be the year I go.


How wonderful, I would love to see one of Puccini's operas . I play his music on the piano all the time, love the music from La Boheme.


What a lovely thing to have to look forward to -colour and music to cheer up a grey month! I hope you have a wonderful time and look forward to reading about it in due course!


The back stage event will be so cool! You have to be sure to share what happens. Hopefully they will also let you take pictures :)


I've been to a number of them now. I didn't have season tickets last year, but I did attend one or two. Now I think I will have to subscribe every year. I love these cultural things. And they do the caption thing at the theater, too! It's all pretty dramatic, isn't it?! And I think you need to go to at least one opera in the next year!


If we lived close, we could go together--it would be great fun to have company!


I wonder how long those have been going on--for years probably, but I just noticed that a few (maybe all?) local movie theaters do that Opera Live from the Met. I think this weekend is Puccini's Turandot. I can't go to it, but I have decided I need to go to at least one and see what it's all about. As long as I read up before hand (and the last opera they had a pre-performance lecture that was really helpful) I don't feel too lost. It is just fun being in the environment--even if they are singing in another language. It is a pleasure for the senses!


I pulled the music for this opera from my library--a two volume CD set that is waiting for me on my desk tomorrow. I am sure I have heard Puccini's music, but I don't think I could pick it out. Now I thin I will have to go and look for a youtube video or something and see if I recognize it. It really is something to see/hear it live!


January is my least favorite month! Break is over and all there is to look forward to is a long, cold, grey and dreary month. And it has been an especially snowy one here (just as the last of the snow has melted from the sidewalks, we are now forecast to get up to 10"/25cm of snow on Tuesday and into Wednesday. Ugh. It is literally going to take until Spring to all melt. So, yes, such a happy and festive event is most welcome. It's sort of exciting to go to these and see different people and hear such beautiful music. I also am a subscriber for the Broadway shows and there is one coming up in February (Newsies). It really does help having something special to look forward to.


At first I debated going as I am not always so brave to go to these things alone,but then I thought the heck with it--I can watch and be a wallflower. I think they are having finger foods, but I can stand with a drink for a short while--the main event is the tour and the behind the scenes stuff and then I look forward to seeing them practice. Maybe if I really like it I can think of volunteering with Opera Omaha at some point, too. I think I might have to tuck my camera into my bag--just in case. If I do get to take photos, I will be sure and post them here!


I would love that! It's almost always more fun with a friend.


If you go with someone who also appreciates opera, it would be great fun. I dont mind so much going alone as weird as it sounds--I can just watch and listen and enjoy.



I've only been to the opera a few times but it was so fun. Not just the wonderful music and costumes but I also enjoyed people watching during intermission. I love cultural events and miss going to them. I feel like Austin doesn't have nearly as wonderful ones as Dallas does but maybe I need to just explore more. And, how cool about the backstage invitation. That should be very interesting!


I love people watching too! I only wish the seats were not so close together--there is never any leg room and now with the cold, it is hard to have a bulky coat, but otherwise I love going to the theater. I am not sure how much I would understand of opera had I not tried to 'prep' when I go, so at least I have an idea of what's going on. I was not going to do season tickets at first--just buy one ticket to an opera for a little splurge but in the end I couldn't pass up a good deal on tickets, and now I am so glad I did. I would have thought Austin would have lots of cultural events but of course Dallas is huge, so maybe not so surprising after all.

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