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I love the way you are always thinking about possibilities, Danielle. And don't be disappointed with yourself. You read so much and you share so much with all of us. It's lovely. Happy New Year! I love your list.


Great goals! I have meant to read Hollinghurst but have yet to get around to it. Maybe you we can read Stranger's Child together after we finish Gilead? If you want to. No pressure :)

Happy New Year!


Happy New Year, Danielle.
Yesterday's and today's post are so full of reading inspiration I just had to copy them both to return to when I feel stuck. I remember I started Hollinghurst a couple of years ago, don't remember why I didn't finish though.
At first glance I would choose both Toíbín and Humphries from your lists, now.


I recently found your blog and have been enjoying it. Coming Home is one of my comfort reads. I don't know how many times I have read it. I just bought The Backward Shadow at a library book sale. The Mary Russell books are always fun though I don't think I have read the latest one. You have some other books on your list that I will have to look into. It looks like you will have a good reading year!


Ah the first of the year always has so many possibilities doesn't it? I love thinking of all the books I want to read and dream of the great discoveries I will find. I hope you have a great reading year ahead and if you find a book that satisfies your #11 bullet I can't wait to hear about it. Would love a book like that too!


And there are lots and lots of possibilities-sometimes I think I am way too spoiled for choice and it is part of my problem for finishing books in a timely manner--I agonize over all the choices! :) I am going to work on the whole disappointed thing this year--it tends to pervade other parts of my life as well and that really isn't good at all--but old habits are hard to break and all that... Happy New Year to you, too, Kay! Happy reading.


I am hoping to keep it all pretty low key this year and just concentrate on choosing good books and finishing them in a timely manner or setting them aside sooner than later if they are just not working for me. I would Love to read the Hollinghurst. He is already sitting next to my bed--so just say the word! Happy New Year to you too!


Hi Cath--Happy New Year! I do love starting out fresh. August always feels like a new start, too, for some reason--maybe just going back to school in the fall (rather having a new 'crop' of students arrive). I am pleased that I was able to clear off my reading pile--one way or another and now get the pleasure of making some new choices. Sometimes timing is everything--the first time I tried to read Wilkie Collins I just didn't get on with him but then I picked up The Woman in White later and now it is one of my all-time favorite books. I am glad I gave it and him another chance. The Toibin is lovely-have you read Brooklyn? It doesn't matter whether you read one before the other--though Brooklyn is--hmm, was going to say more hopeful, but I think that is not exactly true--since Nora Webster is quite satisfying as well. Brooklyn has a younger protagonist so the feel is a bit different, but both are most excellent reads. The Humphries is shorter and quite eloquent. I am sure you would like either--the Humphries might be more manageable in terms of how it is printed. You'll have to let me know if you end up picking either up soon.


Hi Jennifer, thanks so much for your lovely comment and I am glad you decided to leave it--I always enjoy bookish chat and it looks as though we have similar reading interests. I have read Coming Home several times, too, and it is one of my favorites that I return to. I should really read more of her work--I liked The Shell Seekers, but Coming Home was just pitch perfect for me. If you like The Backward Shadow you might also look for The L-Shaped Room--I very much enjoyed it. I think there is one other book, too, that has the same characters. I have lots of catching up to do on the Mary Russell mysteries but it will be a pleasure! Happy New Year to you and I hope it is a year filled with lots of good books!


I know--anything seems possible right now! I am not sure how quickly my reading will take off and then I will neglect this list, but I am hoping that since it is themes more than specific titles that I will keep returning to it. I have been in the mood for something that has a love story in it--maybe along the lines of Eva Rice, but I just haven't yet found one that is what is in my mind at the moment. I will certainly let you know when I read one that fits the bill! (And if you read something good, please let me know too!).


So much goodness to choose from. Making sure I get to some rereads and some translations are things I want to pay a little more attention to this year.

I know what you mean when you say there's always a book that you want to read, but it just keeps getting put aside in favour of a new shiny one! I have many.

Joan Kyler

I will continue to be a mood reader, like you I think, but I'll try not to read more than three books at once.

Have a very happy, healthy, and fun New Year, Danielle!


Wow post faster than I can think! This is in response to your post a couple days ago...where you listed the number of books you read & all those categories. .

I read 68 books in 2015...50 fiction & 18 non. There are only 2 categories that jump out: 2 books about books & 3 fiction books about real people.

I didn't have a list of what I want to read this year, until 1 of your next posts. I read Rosamund Pilcher's Coming Home years ago but don't remember the story & now want to reread it. And I watched Little Women on New Year's Eve...the Winona Rider/Suzanne Sarandon version. I don't remember Marmee being quite that feminist. Another reread for 2016.

Happy New Year & happy reading!

PS...just finished your recommendation of At the Source by Gillian Clarke. Well worth the read.


me again. Bas Bleu Bluestocking Salon has an interview with Amy Stewart, author of Girl With a Gun. You enjoyed the book, you might like to read the interview.


Yes I have read Brooklyn, one of the books on my shelf which is there because of your review. Liked it very much.


I'm always amazed at how much you read and that you write so thoughtfully about so many books, all while holding down a job, going to the gym, and so on. You do so much on what I'm sure is a limited amount of time to read.

I like your intentions for the new year. Achievable, pleasant and enjoyable, while still giving yourself a little nudge towards expanding your reading repertoire. Reading is supposed to be fun, after all.

I'm not joining in any challenges this year, and plan to read more at whim, but still with an eye to reducing the TBR piles that are once again taking over my closet. One of my projects this weekend will be sorting them into some sort of order, and--gasp--maybe getting rid of a few.


I adore Coming Home and am definitely due for a reread soon. You are not the only one who hasn't read Anne Tyler, I assure you. I've been eyeing her latest book at work for months and may need to add it to my towering January book pile.

vicki (skiourophile)

Happy New Reading Year!


I saw the film adaptation for Brooklyn--twice! ;) I thought it was really good! Now I want to reread the book.


I have several books I would love to reread this year--some are comfort reads but I love having a little stack that I know will be reliably good and nice to pick up again. And I also want to read more books in translation. I did pretty well last year, but there are so many out there that I want to read--I need to pick some languages/countries I tend to miss, too. I have not read hardly anything translated from Arabic for example. If I can, I will try and not borrow or buy any books this month (well, I did order one book club book, but that was an exception...) so maybe I can pull some of those otherwise neglected books to read now!


Good for you! I want to try and keep the piles down to a low roar, but we'll see. It usually doesn't take long before I am tempted by a book when I know I should wait and finish something else first. Happy New Year Joan! I hope it is filled with lots of good things!


Can you tell I was totally trying to catch up? I was taking a yoga class which sort of put me behind in regular posting (or at least of reviewing what I was reading) and I was trying frantically to catch up. Our reading was very similar, wasn't it! I would really like to read more nonfiction this year, though. (I say that every year!!). I love Coming Home and have read it several times now. I sort of know the story but it never bothers me and I am happy to pick it up again as it is such a pleasure. It has been a while since I have seen Little Women--or read the book. I only remember that when I read the book the second half was especially filled with correctness---a little too lecture-y for me. Maybe it is only because I read it as an adult and picked up on it much more than I ever did as a child. I am not sure I could reread that part again, but I would love to see the movie again. So glad you liked the Clarke book. Some of those essays remain with me--very beautifully written! Happy New Year Cathy!I hope it is filled with lots of good books.


Thanks so much for the link--I will check it out! I did enjoy the book and fingers crossed she will write more!


ooh, just took a quick peek at the Q&A and yes, it looks like there is more to come from Constance Kopp-yay!


I have heard that multitasking is actually not a very good thing, but I guess if nothing else I know how to fill up all my free time! I am lucky to squeeze in reading while at the gym and on the bus commute, so it works out okay. I really do want to keep my reading simple this year but also pay more attention to what I am reading and how long it is taking me--I want to try and finish books before jumping into ever more new reads. I am also staying away from challenges--they are fun but sometimes they distract me from my own reading projects. I did a lot of weeding over the summer, but somehow I never seem to have extra room....


Hi Joy-so nice to meet another R. Pilcher fan! Someday I am going to read some of her other books! But Coming Home is such a perfect story for me. I did break down and buy the newest Anne Tyler, but at least I bought a paperback copy! :) Good luck with that January reading pile!


And a happy reading year to you, too! You'll have to let me know which mysteries you are finding especially good this year. I read a happy number last year, and I am always up for hearing about good new (or old!) mysteries to add to my pile.


I am not making any reading plans this year as most of last year's were spectacularly derailed - especially when it came to the more challenging books (when I have limited reading time it tends to be comfort reads I'm afraid.)
I do plan on having a monthly nature read or two and I think that I have settled on which books those will be - now I just have to work out where I put them in the great Christmas clear-up!


Last year was sort of a disaster for my reading so I am hoping that with a little extra thought and attention this year will be much better. I read pathetically few books that were 'classics' or more challenging so I totally understand. I read fewer in general then in previous years. Not sure what happened--I think I just went to more movies and took yoga and my attention went other places. Let me know about your nature reads--I have nothing planned for that--no serial reads this year since I fell behind so quickly last year. I am (supposedly) reading Roger Deakin at the moment. I always love hearing about the books you are reading, so feel free to always share!


Funnily enough the same Roger Deakin book is in my pile along with a compilation called The Country Year which is made up of different excerpts of country writing which have nothing in common except that they were written on or about the same day of the year but sometimes centuries apart so I look forward to learning a lot from it.
I also have Wild Hares and Hummingbirds by Stephen Moss which is about a year in his home village in the Somerset Levels which were very badly flooded a couple of years ago (a bit like we are in Yorkshire now) and The Morville Hours about re-making a garden in what used to be the grounds of a Medieval abbey in (I think) Shropshire (or possibly Herefordshire but as I haven't got the book immediately to hand, I will have to check.)
I'll see how that goes before I plan any more although my nature reading was one of the few reading plans that I kept to last year!
I also hope to read at least one classic and am leaning towards The Mill on the Floss on the grounds that Middlemarch was one of my small number of readalong successes from a year or so ago so Eliot might work better for me than other writers.
We shall see!


Sheesh my comment back was eaten it would appear. I have the Moss book (it would have been my serial read had I decided to do that) as well as the Morville Hours--actually I have a couple of books about the Morville Hours--can't remember what the second one is called but I know where it is on my shelves. I want to read more classics and was thinking I need to start with something prior to the 20th/21st centuries but can't quite decide. Now Orlando by Virgina Woolf seems to be the winner. Now I just need more time in which to read them all!


The other Morville book is called the Morville Year and is somewhere on my shelves. I did think about reading it instead of the other one but then decided that since I already had two calendar-type books in the pile, I would go with Hours.

I haven't read any Virginia Woolf at all - I have to confess that I am ever so slightly afraid of her - that feeling that I am not quite literary enough to be able to 'get it'. It hasn't stopped me collecting her books though, so I suppose I really ought to at least make an effort!
Don't think I will make any plans though as that seems to be the kiss of death to my reading!

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