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I will try to remember to send you a postcard! I got really slack and we haven't talked in ages!


Count me in! When I'm not reading, I'm writing letters. And when I get the chance, I mix the 2 & read books of letters...Walter Cronkite, Kurt Vonnegut, Martha Gelhorn, Beatrix Potter, Eleanor Roosevelt, the list goes on.


I love sending and receiving "snail mail"...even though hardly anyone else does these days. It's great that you're going to send something out for the entire month of February. Such a fun idea. I just may have to send you my address. :)


Hey Kailana--how great to hear from you, and I have been very slack myself! I have not been sending out postcards like I was in the past and must rectify that now. I am not sure if it is a case of laziness or just being tired (tired in general and of cold and snow...). But it will be so nice to turn the calendar to February and begin a new project. Look for a card in your mailbox, too! we do need to catch up.


Wonderful. I have dropped your address into my letter writing folder in my email and am all set. Expect a treat of the letter variety very soon! I didn't realize you were a letter writer as well (somehow bookish people seem like they would be though, so I am not surprised). What a good idea, maybe I will pick a book of letters to read in February--thanks for the idea! ;) It takes so little to make me happy--now I get to look through my shelves for a suitable epistolary novel or book of real letters...


It is sad to think letter writing has fallen by the wayside in general. I know there are some die hards--the Letter Writer's Alliance does these events where they get people together to write letters---I think they tend to do it in bigger cities--I've not heard of it happening here in Omaha, but it sounds like great fun. It may only be a postcard a day and the occasional letter,but I think can manage at least one a day. And please do feel free to email me your address--I'll drop something fun in the mail to you!


I am not in that challenge but I wrote several letters already this month. I do like snail mail for keeping in touch. It seems very thoughtful to buy a card, write the note and mail it, more so than FB and emails IMHO.


I won't actually formally join but I do love writing postcards and letters so I think I can actually manage this. The tactile aspect is so nice-as much as I love an email from a friend, there is something special about opening a letter or reading the back of a postcard and seeing a nice illustration! Such a pity we have gotten so far away from letter writing these days.


Lovely idea. I'm emailing you my address (but will you mind sending to Europe? Hope not!)


No-I don't mind at all and will check my email for your address! Thanks--it will be fun to have a few new 'correspondents' to send a letter to!


Yes, please, count me in! I might just drop you a line in return...


Wonderful--and you were already on the list actually! ;)


You got a pigeon? How cool! I think they are cute and clever. I remember doing this a couple years ago. It was fun but a lot of work. I'd join you but my February is looking rather busy at the moment and the pressure of sending out extra letters would be too much for me. I hope you have fun though!


That pigeon is awesome! All month I've been thinking that I need to get back to sending out some regular mail but still just thinking about it! ha... I'm going to send you my details. Would love a postcard from you :)


Recently read Dear Committee Members by Julie Schumacher - about a cranky professor who writes letters of recommendation. It amazes me that a whole story can be told through 1 sided letters (we only read his.)

Then there's always We Need to Talk About Kevin by Lionel Shriver. Wow! What a story...told through the mother's journal entries. Could not put this 1 down. Haven't seen the movie. Most of the time the movie doesn't live up to the book. There are exceptions, but for the most part I always like the book better.

Joan Kyler

I'm fascinated by the pigeon and can't believe (no insult to the Post Office) that it won't just get 'lost' in the mail.
I love getting snail mail and I often send notes. My handwriting is bad and that stops me from writing longer letters. Maybe I should concentrate on that.
My late mother and I wrote to each other every week after I moved to Boston when I was twenty. I have two boxes of our letters covering about twenty years.


What a lovely idea! How nice to get mail that isn't either promoting clothes/holidays/houses that I can't afford or bills!
I will go and rummage through my box of postcards for some suitable ones!


I have had my pigeon since I first joined LWA--and how long ago was that now? He is pretty cute (or she?). She, however, always used to scare my cats as I have her sitting on the floor under a little stool. As long as it is just a card (as in postcard), I am hoping I can manage it. Technically it is only Monday-Saturday and holidays and Sunday off. :) You may well get a lot of postcards next month from me!


Please do--though I think I might still have your address (as long as it has not changed?) somewhere in my email from before. Isn't the pigeon great? I hope I can send her out at some point-I am guessing it will work, but am so curious to see if she arrives at her destination okay. Anyway, you'll be seeing a postcard in your mailbox from me in February!


As weird as it sounds, I think funky mail--like the pigeon--as long as it has the right postage and is marked correctly will arrive at its destination. I have a book of mail art pieces and it is amazing the sorts of things that have been mailed and that made it in one piece with no problems. My handwriting is not so good anymore--dratted computers! But I can manage a notecard or postcard without too much trouble. How cool that you corresponded with your mother--those must be really lovely letters to go back and read. I have lots of my old mail as I used to have a number of penpals. Such a pity that I lost touch with most of them.


You will be getting some mail--something to look forward to! I had forgotten about this but then a post about it come up in Feedly and I knew I had to do it. I love sending out cards, but I have not been in a very good routine this year so far--that shall change very quickly.


I've read books that have just one letter-writer and not the reply, which done well can be very interesting. I will have to look up that book as I am not familiar with title or author. And I have not read anything by Lionel Shriver, though I have a couple of her books. I am not sure if the movie appeals to me, but I do want to read the book. Thanks for the suggestions!


That is one good looking pigeon! Too bad I am not on US soil... :p Anyway, you can look out in your mailbox for some long distance 'birthday greetings' from me, too(hopefully not too late!) :) Have a great February, Danielle!


I have been thinking of you Michelle--I know 'our Birthday' is quickly approaching! ;) Will you do anything special? I always go to dinner with my sister and parents. Maybe I will treat myself to something special as well. I would love to have sent the pigeon to you--I fear he may be caught in customs. But maybe something a little more regular will show up in your mailbox--postcards seem to have no troubles traveling abroad! Have a great month, too, Michelle!

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