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I vote for Bill Bryson--you can't go wrong with him.

Cute little heart, too. I love the colors.


Hi, just found your comments about Mrs Robert Henrey. I have spare copies of 'The Dream Makers' and 'Bloomsbury Fair' if you would like to acquire them for your collection.Regards, Vanessa


Your winter house is coming along nicely! I like the colors in your heart too. I like pink and orange together.


This stitching is quite lovely and you are moving along. I love to see what you are making. :) Looks like some good reads as well.


He is good and I can't wait to read his book. This will sound weird, but I think I am going to read the book in the summer--in the months he is talking about in the book! I thought it would be fun to read it in real time so to speak. And I loved stitching that Quaker heart the first time so much I had to do it again!


Hi Vanessa--thanks so much for your comment. I appreciate your offer and will get in touch with you via email in the next day or so! She was a fascinating writer and how cool you have spare copies!


I need to look up the name of that color--it was so exotic sounding--like Indian sunset or something. It sounded so warm and inviting, which is what I could use right now--warmth! :)


Thank you! I am making a concerted effort to stitch a little bit each day, even if it is only for 15 minutes or so. It adds up as you can see. And yes, I have quite a nice stack of good reads at the moment!


Oh I love your February needlework project. That is going to be so pretty.

Have fun with your new book stack. Nice to have a lot of variety. Last month it was mainly mysteries so I really want to throw in more variety this month.


I was pretty happy with my reading last month--at least I managed to finish two NFs which is pretty good for me. Maybe this year will be my year of nonfiction. Am really enjoying the needlework and hopefully it will be done before the official start of spring--then will start stitching a new season, too!

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