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"And then there was a knock on the door"--now I have to read this. Nice job of tickling my interest, Danielle. I do like Tove Jansson and hope I can get this collection of stories.

I'm glad you treated yourself to 100 Years of the Best American Short Stories. You enjoy them so much.


Maybe you can do a century of short stories now too? And who would be knocking on that door I have been wondering off and on this afternoon, I seem to have to invent my own story to this lovely beginning.


There is a NYRB edition of her collected stories--so stories from all her various collections and this one might well be in it. If you come across it--snap it up! I am very much enjoying these stories and have another of her books sitting next to my bed to read at some point soon. And the Best of collection was a splurge but I think it will end up being a good investment, and I did get it on sale which makes it easier to feel less guilty about!


Oh, I hadn't thought of that. What a great idea actually! I could fill in the gaps by looking around for stories that are famous (or less so even) for those years not covered in the book. Thanks, Cath. I am going to do this! :) I will give you a hint--it might possibly be somewhat sinister, but (!) our narrator and the helpful young man managed to have happy (or safe) endings! I really do like the idea of hearing what others think an ending might be--let me know what you come up with!


What a great collection this is turning out to be! Have I mentioned how much I like the cover?


It's a great cover, don't you think? I like it too and no doubt that helped me drop it in the ordering basket as much as the desire to read her stories. It is an excellent collection and I always look forward to picking it up for another story.

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