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I love Susanna Kearsley and Simone St. James, so it's likely I will like Jennifer Robson. Sometimes you just need a comforting, pleasant sort of read and it's nice to have a handful of authors to choose from. (Rather than continually reread Mary Stewart until your books fall apart, as I have done).


Sounds like the perfect kind of read for this time of year!


I seem to once again be reaching more often for comfort reads than anything else! I have a nice list of favored authors for this sort of book, so it was nice to add a new name to it. I don't think I read a Mary Stewart book last year. Must rectify that--she is always good!


These cold dark days just get me down come mid-January. I am ready for more sunshine and mildness, but at least the snow is mostly gone (finally!) from the sidewalks. And somehow books like this are always nice when life is otherwise difficult--escapism from the weather and work--just the ticket!


I still haven't read Kearsley or St. James so I think I'll start wth those but it's good to know there's another author like the, should I like them.


As your snow goes, ours is finally arriving after the warmest, wettest December on record. Cue very excited children indeed - my elder grandchildren were out making snow angels at 8am this morning, just looking at the photographs makes me feel cold!
It is definitely the time of year for a comfort read and the more romantic and suspenseful the better especially with a supernatural twist! Looks like it is time for me to fish out the St James books I bought last time you were mentioning her to at least add to my pile of want-to-read-next volumes which is getting bigger by the day as I keep re-finding books and remembering how much I wanted to read them when they first came into the house!

I enjoyed The Crimson Fields when it was on here back in 2014 but sadly it can't have done as well as the powers that be hoped as it wasn't optioned for a second series. A shame really both because it really made me want to find out more about the lives of the real life front line nurses and also because the cast was so good. Your handsome Scotsman reappeared in a modern day crime series called From Darkness with the wonderful Anne Marie Duff and I am pleased to report that he looked just as good with a beard as clean shaven!


Have not read any of her books but this sounds so lovely. A good historical book to curl up with. Great review, Danielle!


It seems there are a lot of books like this out there, if you know what I mean. I would start with Susanna Kearsley I think as her books offer a nice variety of themes yet are pure comfort reads.


I have been picking up books (from my own piles I must add) a lot lately. I keep coming across books I was so excited to buy and then own and then just got stuck on piles all over the place. Of course this is what happened when i first bought them--wanted to read them then and there but looked at the in progress pile and made myself chill out a little. No doubt that is what will happen with all the books I seem to be collecting and adding to the 'possible next book' pile! I have one unread St James book--maybe the last one I wrote about that I was so excited to read. I wonder where I put it.... ;) I wish Crimson Fields would at least have gotten a second season--all those storylines just left hanging!! I am going to order the DVD for it as a matter of fact as I have a discount coupon. I will look for From Darkness--oh to be much younger-not that it would matter since I would never cross paths with him anyway, but he is quite nice to watch on TV! ;)


I good book to do just that with--curl up with. It was quite enjoyable. If you like Downton Abbey-esque books this is a good readalike!

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