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Very sadly Kids Company is no more. Last year questions were raised about finance matters and how money donated to the charity was being spent which resulted in Kids Company closing its doors, at all locations (not just in London) almost overnight.
An investigation is currently ongoing (as far as I know) so we still don't know what the situation was although it is all very sad and it can't be denied that a lot of children and young people were left bereft of a very real source of support and help.


I didn't remember you had read one of the books already! Looking forward to hearing about the one by Richard Mabey. I'm waiting for his new book on plants that is on order at the library. Seems like this will be a really interesting series!


My attention was tickled also by the mention of Richard Mabey. I still have his Nature Cure - I think you did read that- unread, and his new book has received a lot of praise.


How sad! And how quick. Or has it really been so long since I read the book that they have closed up shop?! What's sad is the idea of funds that should be going to help children were mismanaged. I think that happens all too often unfortunately. This should be a very interesting set of books all things considered since they seemed so timely when published but look what's happened there!


I had such a grand plan before to read these in conjunction with another book and it would have been great fun had I stuck to it, but this will work, too. I wonder if some will be so particular to place if the content might be a little lost on me. I am all set to begin the Mabey--it sounds really good. I'd heard of him but have never read any books--maybe this will set me off on a nature reading path now!


I did read it--I had forgotten until I looked up the book and see the cover and description. How sad that books fade so quickly from memory, but I did write a post about it three years back:
I enjoyed it but I think I lacked the familiarity with the landscape which might have made it a richer read. I am really curious now about this one. His new book Does sound interesting! This little project might be dangerous--new reads grow like weeds sometimes (since he has written about weeds I bet he would appreciate the reference! ;) ).


It is very sad as I know that Kids Company and Camila Batmanghelidjh did a huge amount of good.
Unfortunately it became a fashionable organisation to get involved with and expanded quite fast into different areas and sometimes that is when problems can take root because the people who start it all up can't possibly keep their eye on everything that goes on.

The collection of books looks fascinating though. I know that I looked them up before and I am guessing found them either hard to get hold of or maybe a little expensive for me,so I will have to look again and see if anything has changed.

Sam Sattler

What an interesting series of books...planning to look for that one, now.

Strange thing about how many people choose the Tube trains as a means of killing themselves. I lived in London just over three years in the late nineties and remember having my commute come to a screeching halt twice because of bodies still on the tracks waiting for authorities to show up....oh, and once because "the wrong kind of snow," whatever that is, was on the tracks.


That really is a problem when any organization gets too big--then you lose control by nature of its size. I think it was just a splurge for me to get then when they came out. I know I bought each one individually from TBD but likely they were at least discounted. Maybe you can find them cheap now--penny copies and just pay postage?


Hah--I wonder what sort of snow they meant. Surely snow can't be unheard of in London, but maybe it is enough of a rarity that everything comes to a stop with even a dusting! I am so envious you got to live there--I love London, but have only visited as a tourist twice and then that was ages ago. I would love to go back someday. Not to be awfully morbid but what an awful way to end your life--trains would be so very messy and painful.... The books are really interesting--and each quite different than the other. They are all fairly short--less than 150 pages in most cases.


You are absolutely correct, they are all on offer for a penny each. Oh dear, what a temptation!


How scary that I know these things! You could just try one and see if you like it. How can you pass up a book that only costs a penny! I just read Heads and Straights about a woman (and her family/sisters) growing up in the 70s in Chelsea. It was really interesting--a memoir, which is just what I am in the mood for right now.

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