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This sounds really good! I can see why you now want to read everything Baldwin wrote!


You will have to read him, I think you will like him very much, too.


Definitely sounds worth checking out!


It's been so many years since I've read this book that unfortunately my memory of it is very sketchy. I'm really glad you enjoyed it and keep us posted if you do read another Baldwin book. Unfortunately I have not read anything else by him.


Yes, it is a book I can wholeheartedly recommend!


I can see revisiting this book sometime. I do hate it when books begin to fade from memory. When I write about them, that at least helps keep them in mind a little bit longer. I do have his novel Another Country, which I hope to get to sooner or later.


This sounds remarkable, Danielle. And your review of it is also sensitive and thought-provoking.


He is such a terrific writer. If you have not read him and come across his books I highly recommend him. I already look forward to reading another of his works!


I certainly want to read this now after your wonderful review.
As I wrote in an earlier comment - Sonny's Blues is the only story I've read by him and liked it so much that it made me avoid him. Weird, right? I need to read more of him.


I think I know what you mean--when you read something you like so much that you are afraid to read more in case it is not so good--or just knowing another story will be different. It was sort of by chance that I picked this from my shelves, so it ended up being a lucky find!

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