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Interesting post, thanks Danielle. It's always interesting to hear what writers say about why they write what they do and their writing process.
I'm not surprised that she is flattered that Michael Connelly is a fan of her books as from what I have seen he is very much the crime writer's crime writer.
I read a lot of his books and Karin Slaughter's at one time but not for a while so I am guessing there will be quite a few to catch up with by now in both cases.
So many books so little time!


This looks like a fun meeting! I'll check out if my library has her titles.


What a great post, Danielle. It is always enlightening to meet authors and to hear of their process in writing - even more so when they are as engaging as Sara Blaedel seems to be.


Oh, I love attending author events. So fun to get to hear them talk about their work or whatever they'd like to share. I think I have The Ice Princess on my Kindle. I know I've seen the latest two books mentioned. I do get frustrated with translated books being published out of order. Why do they do that? LOL

I can give a thumbs-up to Karin Slaughter's books. They are a bit graphic for some, but I love them. All of them.


My library has two by Sara Blaedel, I have still to find out which of the five she wrote they are.
I might try one as I hope to read some crime again this year (next to Winspear that is) and preferably all with a female protagonist.


I love to hear authors talk about their books and their writing process. Lucky you to have this experience. I've not read anything by her (no surprise there as my reading from translation is almost nonexistent), but it sounds like her books would be ones I'd enjoy. Will have to check my library for her.


Blaedel sounds really interesting and she seems like such a kind and generous person with her time and comments too. That's always such a nice thing, when an author you like turns out to be a nice person too. Glad you got to go and had such a good time!

Susan (Bloggin' 'bout Books)

I've never heard of this author, but I'm always looking for good police procedurals. I'll have to give her a try. Thanks for sharing your experience with the author and her books!


I love going to author events and hearing about their process. I really enjoy Scandinavian crime fiction but haven't read a lot of her books - just one. And, hate it when they are published out of order. Sounds like a fun event!


Now she makes me want to pick up a book by Michael Connelly who I had heard was good in any case. I am sure I have one or two of his books somewhere... He is really huge, isn't he? I have no chance of catching up on his books, but maybe order doesn't much matter? I am happy that Slaughter's Cop Town is not only in paper but it is also a standalone. I have a library copy sitting on my desk at work--trying to decide whether there is any chance I can squeeze it in now or better to just wait. Yes, way too many books and how can I carve out more reading time???


I really enjoyed it. I was thinking I might not go since I hadn't read the book but am so glad now that I did. She spoke for quite a while and there were some really good questions. Now I am looking forward to picking up that book I own by her. It sounds like she is hugely popular in Denmark!


It was great fun hearing her speak and yes, she was so very enthusiastic about her characters. They really came alive during her talk, so now I am eager to read one of her books!


I was so pleased when I heard she was coming and to the library where I work as we do not get authors like her in. I think those last two/most recent books are a slight switch from the earlier books. Same characters, but Louise Rick takes on a new job in those newer books, so there is a change of focus, I think. It does seem those two new books are really being marketed these days. I have noticed that a lot with translated crime novels--rarely do they come out here in the right order. And then so often the titles change between the UK and here, too, to further confuse things. I have heard Karen Slaughter's books are not exactly for the faint of heart. As long as I know what to watch for...I have three new authors now, thanks to this little event!


Louise Rick sounds like a really interesting character, and I am also looking forward to getting to know her! I think her two most recent books can sort of be read on their own and as a pair---She said they can be read each on its own, but if you start with The Forgotten Girls and then read the newer one it would be helpful. And yay for Maisie--they will be nice comforting reads for when you need one!


It is really fascinating to hear writers talk about their work and writing style--and then you can ask questions you would normally otherwise never get the opportunity to! You never know--maybe you will come across one of her books in the library or at a book sale--she has quite a few of them out in Denmark and a number have been translated into English, too.


You could tell she was really happy to take questions and have people interested in her work and in the characters--so nice to see such an enthusiastic writer (enthusiastic, too, towards her readers). She was very personable and it was so cool to be able to talk to her--she was really easygoing. I hope her tour helps promote her books here--she is huge in Denmark.


I love being able to attend events like this and am so happy to share it with other readers. I think she will likely do really well with her two newest books--I certainly hope she does. And how cool this might help give her a little attention as well!


Me, too. I wish there were more of them here in Omaha! I have not read much crime fiction by Scandinavian writers in the last year or two, so I must get back to them. I recently bought a book by an Icelandic author, too, so lots of good books to choose from. It does get confusing when books are published out of order, and I like to keep them all neat and tidy, too! ;)

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