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I have that Virago edition and can't bear to get rid of it even though I have the Collected Stories because I love the look of the green Viragos!
I love Elizabeth Taylor's short stories and am very tempted to join you in reading this collection but can I manage more short stories on top of the Kipling collection that I am already reading??


I have been reading a short story a day in the morning with my coffee. Now I might finally read all the unread short story collections I have around! I am the worst at reading short stories.


Of to a good start with a new story collection! And what story to start back up with the New Yorker reading!


I have that massive collection as well AND all the individual collections, but in this case I will also keep them all even though it is doubling things up. I love her short stories--she is such a wonderful writer that I find I want to read the stories 'just because' during the week rather than waiting until the weekend for my 'official' short story reading. You are free to join me! ;) Not (!--truly) to tempt you into adding another book to the pile (seeing as my own is absolutely towering at the moment, I completely sympathize).


Yay. I love to hear others are also reading short stories. They can be so satisfying and it sounds perfect to read one over coffee each day. Too bad my schedule means no serious reading over breakfast as I start work so early. I have loads of collections, too, and hope to make some inroads on them this year. Which collection are you reading now?


I am determined to catch up and get back into the habit of my New Yorker story reading. I hate that I sort of dropped the ball and then to see those issues piling up does make you feel a little overwhelmed. I think I chose well with the Elizabeth Taylor collection as well. She is always so good!


You just reminded me that I've boght Elizabeth Taylor's Collected Stories not too long ago. I'm sure she's a fantastic short story writer. Like you, I want to read everything she's written. I like your book cover, btw.
Mogelson sounds like an author I should try.


I have that big chunky collection, too. I thought of picking it up but that will be a much longer project so I decided I would go with a shorter collection. She is always such a pleasure to read and I must read more of her work this year. I read one of her books last year, but as with so much of what I read--I never got around to writing about it. I really liked the Mogelson--I think he is also a journalist--or at least written a lot of nonfiction.

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