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I'm hooked. Katharine McMahon now tops my ever-growing To Read list! :) This sounds like a great read. Can't wait to give it a try! (Let's hope my library has lots of her books.)


I'm sure that you will love The Woman in the Picture every bit as much as The Crimson Rooms. She has a very sure touch with her period and her characters and you never find (or at least I don't) that moment of pause when something doesn't quite ring true and interrupts the flow of reading.
I think that I have a couple of Katharine McMahon's other books on my shelves, so far unread.
Such temptation to go and search for them!


I see the library has it & it's ready to check out. I'll be picking it up tomorrow. So what if I have 4 other books waiting, right?


I know winter has been getting to you and this sounds like is was a good distraction!


She's great--I really hope you like her. I also listened to one of her books on audio, and I am a very picky audio book listener, and that remains one of my very favorite audio experiences. She has a number of books on her backlist, and I have a few unread books on my shelves as well!


She is very assured, isn't she, in her characterization. I really have enjoyed her books and can't wait to get back to Woman in the Picture-am trying to finish a few other books at the moment, but I keep looking at it longingly! I have a few of her books unread as well and might have to keep working my way through the rest this year!


Yay. Do let me know how you get on with it. Since it is a few years old now, maybe you can renew it if you don't get to it right away. I seem to do the same things--let books cut in line even as I know I am already reading too many at once! The nice thing about library books--you can indulge and not feel too guilty about spending too much money on too many books!


Ugh, yes, I am totally wintered out! I totally enjoyed this and as escapism reading goes-it was a good one!


as we are going to the coast for a week at Easter, I might go in search of the McMahon books to pack in my bag - as a precaution in case of variable weather! The way the weather has been going in the last few weeks, it would not surprise me at all if we end up getting snowed in particularly as Easter is so early this year!


I feel like I'm really in need of a story like this. Something that will sweep me in and make me want to keep turning the pages. This is another for my radar!


I am close to finishing several shorter books but as soon as I do, it is back to The Woman in the Picture. I tend to drag too many books with me to work each day and have started trying to really pick just the couple I really want to finish sooner than later. But I always take along a 'comfort' read or something easy and entertaining for lunch break. Easter is so early this year--how nice you will be able to get away--even if the weather doesn't cooperate, you can fall back on your books!


I really like her and plan on reading more of her work. She is both an entertaining writer and quite smart in her storytelling, too. And as usual I seem to be mostly reaching for comfort reads of late!


we are going at the same time as our son, daughter-in-law and three of the grandchildren and I am pretty sure that they have us pencilled in for some babysitting while we are there, so I'm not sure how relaxing it will be or how much reading time I'm going to get.
I just hope that the weather will be good enough for us to get them down onto the beach for long walks to tire them out!


Well, maybe not *exactly* the sort of vacation you might have hoped for (at least when it comes to having to babysit), but if you can enjoy being outside it might be a chance to read and relax and look after children (depending on how young they are). With Easter so early I am not sure how cooperative the weather will be. We seem to have a couple of gorgeous mild days followed by a return to winter (as today--brr, so cold that I wish I had an even heavier sweater on--and I even changed out of what I originally planned to wear--a shirt with a tee shirt under--what was I thinking?!).


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