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Worth the wait? Seems like it. Glad this year's NYRB reading is off to a good start. But no surprise is was good. Do they even publish bad books?


Yes, it was definitely a good one to start out with. Not too long, a good noir story and a little taste of good things to come. I am now midway through the Feb book, a memoir and waiting (again--anxiously) for the March book. I think they do not publish bad books. Some are certainly more challenging than others, but all very worthy. Have you made any progress on your unread NYRBs from when you subscribed?


This sounds like a lot of fun. Too bad it is so expensive in Canada (the subscription, I mean). I will have to check this book out one day!



Does that answer your question? ;)


Heh--yes! ;) Thats how I feel about a lot of my reading these days. So much wishful thinking and so little time in which to accomplish it all.



I think I've slowly started to appreciate noir fiction more and more. I'm reading some noir short stories right now and they are good. I hadn't heard of this one so will have to keep an eye out for it!


I love NYRBs! It is a shame that they are not cheaper in Canada. It always comes down to exchange rate and postage, doesn't it?! I know I would be happy to have a Persephone subscription but I could never afford something like that either! If you do come across it and like noir crime novels, it is well worth snapping up!


I really like hardboiled and noir crime novels and should really read more. I keep meaning to finish reading the other books by Jean-Claude Izzo--I know you read at least one his books, too. Anyway, a great way to start out my year of NYRBs!

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