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Very excited to learn of this one! It's on my Summer List. Thank you!

Claire (The Captive Reader)

This sound wonderful! I placed my library hold even before I finished reading your post. I've read Green Thoughts but somehow never knew about this. Really, really looking forward to reading ti!


Wow! I loved Green Thoughts and will order this immediately!
Happy Spring!


Yes, this does sound wonderful. I hope I can track down a copy.


Thank you for mentioning the gardening book, I kept reading your post thinking, gosh her name sounds so familiar! But I couldn't figure out why, and finally, because of the gardening book. I believe I have a copy somewhere though I don't think I have read it. This sounds like a fascinating memoir.


This sounds rather wonderful and I loved the description of the castle.
I'm glad you to hear you love Modiano. I've read quite a few of his novels and they were all so good.


I read a lot of memoirs and I will look for this one. A love story, a castle, the war on its brutal way, lots of good elements for a memoir.


I have never heard of her but this book sounds wonderful and has definitely gone onto my list. Have to confess to having never heard of Ruthenia either - I have a very old atlas somewhere around so I must see if that can give me more idea of where it actually was.
Have you read Iris Origo's book about her wartime life in the Val D'Orcia in Tuscany?


It would make a great summer read. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. I have been so curious about that part of Europe, so it was nice to find such an engaging book about Central Europe.


I think you will really enjoy it since you have traveled to that part of the world--or very close anyway. I had to pull out my own copy of Green Thoughts now--so I am happy to have had it on my shelves already. Enjoy What Was Lost!


Now I can't wait to read her gardening book! I am so happy NYRB reissued this book. They always find the most interesting books to bring back into print!


It is just out in this edition, but I am sure you will come across it eventually--sometimes it doesn't take long for newer releases to make their way to used bookstores (I am not so good at recycling my books so quickly after reading them).


I wondered if you had read her gardening book. I like the idea of essays and so might be dipping into my copy very soon. I like her writing style very much. Some people lead the most interesting lives! I only wish she had written more.


It is a very charming book. I don't think I have read a "bad" NYRB. Some have definitely been more to my liking than others, but they always publish really good books, so my monthly subscription book from them is always a treat. I was sort of afraid (silly, I know) to pick up a Modiano novel, but now that I am halfway through this one, I want to get the rest of his books. I already ordered the other NYRB by him that just came out (I think it is a reissue of his 'break out' novel), Young Once which I can't wait to read. I should finish this one by the end of the weekend (as well as 1914). I will slowly collect the rest of his books, I think...


I very much like memoirs, too. It does have a little bit of everything to make it quite an adventure--what a life! I wish she had written about the rest of her life, but I didn't find anything more when I looked.


I think there is/was even a Ruthenian dialect--I admit I am still a little hazy on just where it is now and what ethnic group is the predominant group. I think it is now modern day Ukraine, but I might not quite have it right. I loved (!) the memoir by Irish Orsigo. My library has a coffee table book of her home in Italy that I looked at--lavish pictures and all that. I have another book about her that I never got around to reading (at least not quite yet). Another most interesting life! How do some people luck out with these kinds of adventures?!


I wish I knew - I could do with a little adventure but perhaps not in wartime!


Me, too, and no thanks to wartime, too. I was thinking of foreign travel adventure, but then at least there are books....

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