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This sounds right up my alley. I am so happy to find out it exists!


That's so interesting. I remember when photobooths were popular, back in my highschool days. I didn't realize they were disappearing, but it makes sense. Are malls really on the way out? It would please me, I avoid going to them at all costs.


What fun. I have been in photobooths in my younger days. They are apparently becoming a thing at weddings for the guests to take photos. There are costume prop pieces and instead of a walk-in booth it is a camera and computer screen set up in front of a backdrop. It take three photos and then prints them to a color printer. It was a huge hit at a wedding I went to last summer.


I think, from what I read in the book, that there are a lot of these in Canada--maybe there is even on where you live? I was almost going to return the book unread as the due date was so quickly approaching, but I am so glad I decided to give it a go! I think this is the first NF graphic novel that I have read (I suppose Maus was a sort of bio and so, NF, too, but that is a good that can be hard to categorize.


I think the ones I recall were likely digital booths. Now I want to check out the lone on in Omaha, but I am not all that keen to have to go into a bar--not a problem with it being a bar, but as a concert venue. Anyway.... I think malls as we know them are not so popular now? At least in Omaha, the malls in my part of town are nearly empty--not at all as I remember them as a child. I also avoid them, so I don't particularly mind either! :)


It would be sort of fun to have that kind of business though maybe a little precarious, too unless you have a lot of demand. I think that sort of set up is really popular and the author mentions them in the book. I can totally see how it would be great fun at a wedding or other party! Now I totally want to find one!


I'm so glad you enjoyed this one. I just finished a bit ago and was so surprised at finding more about the history of the Photo Booth. I had no idea there were differences. I know now whenever I run into one I'll have to use it because of this book!


I had no idea that photobooths had such a very colorful history! Now I am going to keep my eye open for one. I just brought home from the library another of her graphic novels, Long Red Hair that looks good, too.

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