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I've seen Taylor's books on Goodreads, but have never read one. This one does sound good. I like books that capture a time period and a family. I'll have to look and see if my library has any of her books. :)


I have not read any of her books, and this one sounds interesting, three sisters going to their first proper dance.


If you ever get a chance to read her--I totally recommend her. Any of her books. I am slowly working my way through them and have not come across one yet that I didn't like. You might try one of her short stories for a little taste--she is a wonderful short story writer, too! My first ET read was Mrs. Palfrey at the Claremont!


She does a perfect slice of life--writing from all the different perspectives to fill in the story and gets it all just right. I hope you'll get a chance to read her sometime. I think I will have to pick one of her novels to read when I finish with this collection of stories!


You know, I really wonder if someone wrote like her today . . . Would they still be published? It is all about conflict and plot and twist. Quiet, maybe mundane, slice of life stories have a hard time being published. Maybe I'm wrong.
This story sounds delightful. I have to see if I find it.


Another good story. You've been on a roll of late!


STILL can't find either my copy of The Blush or the Collected Stories so haven't a clue where I have put them which is SO frustrating!
I can find all the novels so I am going to start reading them ... soon.


I don't think Elizabeth Taylor is capable of writing a bad story or bad book....hint hint.... ;)


She should be--she is worthy of a Booker prize in my opinion, but I am not sure if she is 'showy' enough for today's prizes? Like Liz said she is a very unfussy writer, but in her best work, her stories can be utterly beautiful, and sometimes devastating. I should really read that Persephone bio of her that came out a few years ago. In any case, this is an amazing story collection--so glad I picked it up.


I hate it when that happens and it happens all too frequently. That's why I hate weeding books as later I know I will want to read it. Usually I go a little mad looking for a book and turn everything upside down to find it. I've had a few of those errant books myself and needless to say my book room is total chaos at the moment, but who has time to organize (when I can be reading instead).


I just read the story and I love it. It's beautiful and the characterizations are so complex.


So glad you liked it, too. I really do think she is an amazing writer. I am just starting to read this weekend's story now. And I hope to give Mary Costello a go, too, if I can fit her in as she has come very highly recommended as well--another Irish writer.

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