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Cathy've piqued my interested in E Taylor with The Letter-Writers. As a letter-writer, I think I'd enjoy this type of story & will search for it. Am reading Cranford by E Gaskell...lots about letter writing in it.


I think you would like it, too! It seemed a perfect story to read for the letter writing month--or anytime really. I should read Cranford--I saw the TV adaptation and quite liked it and am sure I would enjoy the book, too.

elizabeth Wix

So glad you love Elizabeth Taylor as I do!
A most wonderful story teller and rather an interesting life too.
Spring greetings from New York.


The Letter-Writers sounds delightful! I couldn't help but think of all the people I correspond with, ahem, and "know" on the internet but have never met. What would it be like I wonder?


I'm finding that having seen the BBC series is helpful. They had a different way of writing back in 1851, when Cranford was published. Some sentences I have to read 2 or 3 times to 'get it', but overall, I'm enjoying the read. Found The Blush on Barnes/Noble for $1.99...hard to beat that.


That short story collection by Taylor does sound wonderful. I've only read one of her novels and really enjoyed it. I don't know why I haven't read more! Thank you for the great links to other short stories. I really need to branch out and read more!


I think that 'different way of writing' is what always makes me hesitate to pick up the book, but I like the idea of watching the film again and Then reading the book--and it is a fairly short one, too, if I remember correctly? I know all about having to reread to make sure I got what the author was getting at! So glad you found a nice inexpensive copy of The Blush. I hope you will enjoy the stories as much as I am!


Isn't she a marvelous writer? I have been wondering what her reception would be like if she was writing today? Maybe she would not have been so easily dismissed as just writing domestic fiction and not quite taken as seriously as her male counterparts? So glad to hear spring is also arriving in NYC! :)


I have met a number of penpals that had as a young woman/college student, though in thinking back--hmm, I don't correspond now with a single one. The one lady I still keep in touch with I never met when was in Europe. I wonder if there is some sad and scary correlation....though I think it has more to do with me getting married and we all just sort of went out separate ways. I would love to hear what their lives are like now. And you would appreciate that story!


I know what you mean--she is someone whose work I want to read all of and who I will happily read, but then I never get around to reading her books as often as I should. I think I only managed one last year and then I didn't even write about it--hopefully will do a better job this year. Too many things to read and not enough time when it comes to branching out I suspect--I am just the same!


Short stories get a bit addictive don't they? If I am enjoying a collection I find it hard to stop at just one per day although I know that, for me at least, I get more out of it if I do limit myself.

Decided that I would read along with you as I know that I have a copy of The Blush but can I find it? The irritating thing is that I can't easily track down my compilation of her stories either so it looks as though I am going to have to go through my bookshelves yet again!!


If I could control myself and just have maybe two books on the go, I could happily tuck my ET short stories into my bookbag daily. I love her work, her writing is so good--better than most writing today, I think. You will enjoy the stories, too. I hope you can find your copy. Do you need a list of the stories included in case you need to grab the Collected works mega-book?


Thanks for the offer Danielle. I am convinced that one or other of them is on one or other of four sets of shelves but I am clearly going to have to go through the flipping lot before I find them!
I thought I had put all her books together but I have found all the novels and the short stories are missing!
I think that the big book has the stories arranged in the books they originally appeared in ... or am I getting it mixed up with the Jane Gardam compilation? Which I also have - unread despite that I HAD to have the hardback copy as soon as it was published!


I can't remember either which (or maybe both) of the story collections has them categorized by their initial collection where they appeared. Actually that is often how collected works are organized anyway. I can't tell you how often I will Know I own a book and pretty much know where it is but it persists in staying hidden (or I have come along and grabbed it at some point and never returned it properly to its place on the shelf). Hah. I have a cloth edition of the Gardam too, which sits close by half read! ;)

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