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Wow, these both sound so good. I have never read Elizabeth Taylor, though (of course) she's on the TBR list. I'm currently without a short story collection, so maybe I'll look for this one at my library.

A Virago side note: when I was at Capitol Hill books in DC, I spotted a Virago green cover and snatched up the book and bought it with only the briefest of glances at the back cover (The New House, by Lettice Cooper). I learned about Virago through your blog, and between them and Persephone books, have discovered many wonderful books and authors.


Good stories! The book sounds great. I really have to get around to reading Taylor. I have had one of her novels on my shelf for a very long time


Elizabeth Taylor is a reliably Good writer. It amazes me how good she is--I feel like I should see her name all over the place! And yay for finding a Virago--I rarely see them locally but like you I pretty much will buy it whatever the title as long as I think I don't already own it. And I am happy to pass along word of good small publishers like Persephone and all those wonderful Viragos! I will happily read either publisher's backlist!


Have you had a chance to read any of her work? You have to try and squeeze in whatever you have this year. Do you remember which book it is? Is it Angel, or am I imagining that?


I haven't managed to read her. I can't remember for sure, but I think it is Angel that I have, a Virago copy of that I am sure.


Why do I know which Elizabeth Taylor book you might have? That is a little scary maybe. You will like her and I think you will especially like the novel, Angel. She is not the most likable of characters, but that just makes it all the more interesting!

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