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What a fascinating review - it really makes me want to search the book out as it sounds as though the stories would be the perfect counterpoint to those that I am reading at the moment.
I am pretty sure that I have a novel by Vanessa Gebbie somewhere on my shelves so might have to see if I can track it down but perhaps not quite yet as the piles of books I have already pulled out on a whim are getting dangerously high.


Storm Warning is something I dread all winter... Maybe I will check this out in the summer when winter is far from my mind. lol


Thanks so much for this thoughtful review. I too read the stories rather quickly and in some instances I feel I didn't do them enough justice. The are not easy to read and the writing is so tight and complex, that it's worth thinking about each of them for a while longer. Btw - she's left a comment on your comment on my blog.
I really loved to read about her writing process. I was more than a little impressed by the range of these stories.
I'm sorry that I've been such a bad blog friend lately. Hopefully, I'll be able to catch up soon.


A short story collection that you didn't use for short story Sunday? That's just crazy! Sounds excellent though and filled with a lot of variety.


I would love to try some of her other work and wonder if her novels/other short stories are also 'war' stories or something else. The stories in this collection are really good, but I would take them much more slowly if I were to read it over--space them out a bit. I very much liked that they were war stories but not really directly about or set on battlefields. I had not heard of her before Caroline choose her for her readalong, so she has been a good discovery so far (and early) this year!


Curiously this story in the collection was the shortest and to be honest I am not even sure I understand exactly what she referred to--not exactly the sort of storm warning that we think of--and I am with you in terms of dreading one in wintertime! This is a heavy sort of read, and sometimes summer months are really the best time of year for books of this sort.


I could easily go back and reread a number of them as I am sure I didn't quite 'get' them. It was interesting to read which were your favorites and I think some of those stories are the same ones that gave me some difficulties in reading them. I must check out all the comments now that I see she has also been part of the discussion. I am very curious about her writing style--so impressive considering the variety of conflicts she writes about so assuredly! And no worries for not being able to visit so much this year--I seem to be in the very same boat and so am totally sympathetic. I have the next book and plan on beginning to read it soon! Hopefully this year is going to be a much better reading year than last!


I know--can you believe it?! How sneaky of me, eh?! It was an interesting and well done collection--which to be honest I read rather quickly or I might have written about the stories more fully. I hope to read lots of story collections this year and a variety of styles, too!


This sounds like a very interesting collection, Danielle. Believe it or not I'm reading some short stories right now. I do find short stories much harder to get into but they can certainly be rewarding and this one seems like it would be worthwhile read!


That's great! I am always happy to hear when someone else is enjoying a collection of short stories, too. There are so many good ones out there and so many I really do want to read. I know what you mean by finding it hard to get into a collection at first. This is one that is best taken in small bites I think. I would love to read more of her work and see what else she writes. It was on occasion hard going, but very worthwhile!

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