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This sounds beautiful and beautifully written too. The courage with which some people can face terrible twists of fate is awe inspiring - to remain positive no matter what is true courage and makes me feel very humble when I think how I have whinged in the past about far less devastating events.
I read The Diving Bell and the Butterfly by Jean-Dominique Bauby who was editor in chief of French Elle when he had a stroke which left him with locked-in syndrome and this reminds me a little of it. Not so much in the facts but in the spirit.

I will have to see if I can track the Kalanithi book down - then lock myself in with a box of tissues to read it!


I've read so many tributes and reviews to this book and now your lovely one here, Danielle. I will read, just not sure when. It sounds like such a graceful journey, in spite of all the sadness and ravages of his illness.


What can I say but Thank You Danielle for bringing this powerful man and story to my attention.


It seems this book keeps turning up all over the place. Someone on the train was reading it yesterday. It does sound like a beautiful book. And we do forget, don't we, that the things we want to do but keep putting off, we might not have the chance to do. A powerful seize the day argument.


Great review Danielle! I do want to read this one and have added to my radar!


He sounds like a courageous and beautiful man.


It is really sobering to read books like this and all my petty little concerns seem to pale in comparison. Of course you never know what you are capable of enduring when you have to. Still, I am not sure I could show such grace and courage in anything so similar a situation. I have heard of The Diving Bell and know there is also a film of it--have not been able to watch or read either one! The Kalanithi book is so exquisitely done, you almost forget what is going to happen. And if it makes it any easier--I managed tor read nearly the whole book with simple admiration but it wasn't until the very end that it all just overwhelmed me! Despite the heavy subject this is a book I will happily recommend to any of my friends.


I am so glad to hear that you have read tributes. I cannot imagine anyone saying anything bad about this book and I certainly hope never to read a poor review. It is a book well worth reading and an inspiration really!


I wonder if the book has yet been translated into other languages. If not yet, I suspect it will and it will surely have a wide appeal. I think you would greatly appreciate this read. He was a remarkable man and such a thoughtful person--and I don't just means in terms of kindness, which I am sure he had, but in pursuing the meaning of life all through his work and studies and his illness, too.


This is certainly a very good reminder of how quickly a life can change and no matter how lucky you are in work or study and how young or old, none of us are immune to bad things happening. I keep seeing it all over, too, but I am so glad it is being read.


I very highly recommend it and think you would really appreciate it!


I think he really must have been. You certainly get that sense from reading his writing. You feel like you know him by the time you finish reading, which of course just makes it all the more sad.

Sam Sattler

After reading this one, I found myself speculating about all the potential differences the doctor might have made in the so many ways. I will remember him and this book for a long time to come.


I will, too. It was such an amazing book. It is always sad when someone young dies like that. But it's especially sad when someone with so much potential to change other's lives passes away. It is an inspiring story, however and I am so glad he decided to write what he could even as he was so ill.

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