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I have a book called WALK THE LINES, which I believe I read about in "BBC History Magazine." The author walks above each of the tube routes and comments what is above and how it relates to the subway system.


It is also amazing - at least to me- how authors time and time again come up with ideas as interesting as what this series is about. I'm afraid I would be very tempted - would I be reading the whole series as you do at the moment- to add a copy of what LindaY tells us here ;)


This sounds really wonderful! How interesting about Metroland. I had never heard of that before. Don't you love it when books send you off in a reading direction you never would have anticipated?

vicki (skiourophile)

This sounds so fascinating -- a great mix of technology and nature and urbanism all mixed up in grand ambitions.


You do the same thing I do when reading one book, especially nonfiction. You come away with five more books you now want to read! Dangerous, but interesting :). This does sound like a fascinating and unusual topic for a series of books.


I have that one, too! I actually had thought I would read that book and then the corresponding Penguin Underground book and make it into a project (and you know how I love projects), but I think I managed one chapter and one book and then set them all aside as I got busy. So I will read that book eventually but for now just am meandering through these lovely little Tube books which are so interesting--lots of social history in the last few I have read.


Oh, I didn't realize there was a BBC Magazine--must look that up--it sounds interesting!


I am thoroughly enjoying this series of books. They are small in format and shorter so you can read them reasonably quickly if you choose to. And they are chock full of interesting information. I know there are a number of series Penguin does in this format--a travel series and the food series (which I also own and will someday get back to!). At least with this I know there are only a dozen books so I hope to get through them all this year. And the book LindaY mentioned is really interesting, too. I own it and read the first chapter a few years back. Will pick it up again someday!


I think I had heard the term but knew nothing about it or what it meant. Basically just means suburbs I suppose, but it was interesting how the national railway bought up all those parcels of land to sell to Londoners for their home outside of the city--so they could then use the Tube to commute--tricky of them! And yes, with these books there are all sorts of things that I note down to look up later. I do want to read that Julian Barnes novel, Metroland, too!


Yes, all good and interesting things to read about. I love reading about this sort of history that you never really think about. This reminds me of the book Fast Food Nation which was as much a cultural history as a book about food. I love it when a book crosses so many subject areas.


Those are always the best sorts of reads for me. Somehow it reinforces what I have just read when I can pick up another book that is peripherally related. And you wouldn't think such a small book could set you off in so many other reading directions.

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