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There are no bookstores here any more period. It's sad.


Sydney is lucky to have a few remaining Indie bookshops. However I think it must be an up hill battle as the prices here are higher than in the US.
The Lizzie Kate looks like good, I say go for it. My stitching has stalled a bit, but am going to my LNS today so that might kick start me again.


Waves hand for the Shakespeare book!


I was decidedly underwhelmed by The Girl on the Train. I thought that they were all such thoroughly unpleasant characters that I really didn't care what happened to any of them. Can't say that I am that excited about the thought of the film either although I do like Emily Blunt.

With regard to giving books you have already dismissed a second chance because someone has chosen them for a prize short-list - trust your own taste Danielle! I only ever pay any attention to what judging panels choose if I trust the opinions of at least one and hopefully two of the panel members and as I trust the opinions and taste of very few people to know what I am going to like that doesn't happen very often!
I always think that if Susan Hill or Joanne Harris recommend a book it is always worth reading and there are one or two others, whose names currently escape me, whose praise makes me sit up and take notice. Similarly there are only about four bloggers whose taste I always trust - guess who one of them is?


Love the book suggestions! Your blog adds to my TBR list everytime. Would love to check out the new Andrew Dickson!


I've only read one book by Laura Lippmann, but I loved it...must get her back on the radar. Maybe this new book?

Speaking of needlework, I just had my stash of crosstitch patterns (and one kit) out to show the friend I walk with every week. It made me want to stitch again, though I will not get back to it for some time. I've chosen to put it aside while I learn how to sketch (which I'm not doing now, either, oh dear). It's just so much easier to pick up a book when I'm tired...and when I have free time, I'm often tired. It's just too bad work and chores and responsibilities have to take up so much time.


Oh Wow, that IS sad. I guess I should not complain as we have a couple of really good general indies a very few more bookstores catering to a specific genre. Do you have just chain bookstores in your town?


Hi Lea,

They are dwindling, aren't they? It's such a pity as I love little bookstores that have personality! I have noticed that books from Australia are very pricey. Once and a while there will be something I want but always have to rethink it--Do I REALLY plan on reading this now....when it comes to Australian titles. They are much more expensive than other books. Even UK imports via The Book Depository are sometimes cheaper than books I can get directly from Amazon--crazy. Isn't that LK really cute? I do want it, but I will wait a few days and then revisit the website to see if it still really draws me in.... I need to get back into the habit!


Thanks so much for adding your name and your comments--much appreciated. I wish I could have given a copy to each person who left a comment (just like Oprah! LOL).


I had very mixed feelings about the book, too. Now I am tired of every other book being compared to it or Gone Girl and will often avoid a book that is being heralded as the Next one! It is a little off-putting. I know I tend to like readalikes, but for some reason I am annoyed in this case and think surely an author can come up with their own new idea for a story??! I am curious about the movie--I might just go as I like movies and suspenseful ones at that--but only if it comes to my favorite theater.
I would say 99% of the books I choose to read are based on my own mood (or suggestions from readers like you whose tastes so firmly overlap my own!) as I know I am likely going to enjoy the book, too. Every once in a while something will come along that has won awards or been plugged so many times that I wonder what I am missing and so will pick up the book. However there are many times I keep hearing about a book and hearing about it but just cannot get the enthusiasm going to pick it up. You are right to just stick with my own instincts! And always feel free to share titles with me of books you have enjoyed since I am likely to enjoy them, too! ;)


I am always happy to share book suggestions and happy also to receive them! :) I wish I had copies to give to everyone who left a comment--of the Dickson book!


I have read one of her standalones (listened to it on audio to be honest and Loved it!) and read one of her mysteries featuring Tess Monaghan and really must get back to those. It really is a pity that there is not enough time to do all the creative things we would like--and still have time for family and work and other chores, so I can appreciate the need to keep it on the back burner right now. How is the sketching going? And I need to also get back into my stitching routine!


Oh no, already best of 2016 books? This year is going by way too fast! :)

I say you have to sign up for that mystery sampler. That sounds so fun.


Isn't that sort of weird? I know the year is speeding along, but maybe they should have picked a more timely title?! ;) I am contemplating the sampler--I like the idea of a serial stitch along. The first one doesn't get mailed out until June, so I have a little time to think about it and budget. Always the problem--making sure I will actually work on it and not let each instalment arrive and then sit somewhere collecting dust.


You've started Spring? Did you finish Winter or just get too tired of it and needed to move on? That mystery sampler seems like it would be fun.


I am more or less finished with winter--just finishing a few tiny snowflakes and need to do the backstitching. I did start Spring, but there is only part of a door so far. I keep dragging my stitching with me but I manage about five stitches before I have to start work--I am not allowing myself much time to work--why must my own time go so fast? And I am still deciding whether to do the serial stitching project--there seem to be so many birthdays at the moment and now Mother's Day and my budget is so tight that I have to weigh each thing I buy so carefully--which do I want most.... Ugh.

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