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OK, I MUST read this book, that is a nice strange thing about the main character. I am already enjoying a mystery series set in Naples, one in Sicily and one in Venice and will look for this author.


What will you do if you read all of them this year? You will have to learn Italian so you can keep going and not wait for English translators to catch up!


Now you have me curious (since I love Italian crime/mystery novels) which other books are you reading? I think this is one you will like if you are drawn to this setting. And I am enjoying the second in the series immensely!


I might have one or two (hundred....) other series I have at home yet to read! ;) Actually he is also writing a contemporary crime series set in Naples now as well, so I should have plenty to choose from. Wouldn't that be cool to learn Italian--I am totally willing, only I cannot find Anywhere in Omaha to take a class. Sheesh! (Am not motivated enough to try and do it on my own alas).


From my reading of the series -I'm currently on number 5 - I think they get better as they go along.
I'm glad that you like the series and I agree that Ricciardi is a crush-worthy hero - handsome, tragic and aristocratic!

I started learning Italian years ago but have never really got beyond holiday standard but since my daughter will be living in Milan from June onwards, I am trying to brush up on my basics and will hopefully sign up for a class in September so I can at least make an effort when I (hopefully) go out to see her.


I am not surprised that they improve and I think the first was a strong start in any case. But it seems like the first was good, but when Europa Publishers (his US publisher) saw the Hersilia edition, they knew it was going to be a good thing and then snapped him up. Somehow the second book is much stronger--it covers some of the same ground in terms of the set up, but the plotting is really good so dar. Ricciardi is all those things. I like that he is so handsome and intelligent yet sad and almost misfit-ish in some ways. I took one short Italian course a very long time ago, but then never had another opportunity, and now I cannot find anywhere where I can take it--so annoying. Your daughter is so lucky to be living in Italy. What will she do there--is she finished with her studies? And will she live there more or less permanently now? Lucky you to have the chance for traveling there-so nice to have something like that to look forward to. I shall have to live vicariously through you since there is nothing at all on my horizon.


My daughter has her last exams in the next couple of weeks and will then be heading for Milan in June DV.
She has the promise of a job teaching Business English which she has already done on her Year Abroad in Rome and involves going into companies to do the teaching. She also has a second interview for a job as a junior translator for a very large international financial firm which is what she would really like as translating/interpreting is what she would really like to do and this company would be a brilliant name to have on her CV so we are keeping our fingers crossed that that one comes through.
I think that she would be a brilliant catch for any company - but I am bit biased!
As you speak Spanish, you should find it quite easy to pick up on Italian: my daughter took a Spanish course in this last year to broaden her range and picked it up very quickly indeed although her Spanish level is nowhere near as good as her Italian and French.


As far as De Giovanni's modern series - I think that you might need to read his book called The Crocodile first as that introduces the lead character from the newly published series.
There again with the weird way that works in translation are introduced, it is quite possible that it won't make any difference!
I have the first one on request from the library so we will see!


I will keep my fingers crossed for your daughter--how cool would it be if she could do translation work! I think it would be much harder to do work as an interpreter, though maybe that is not necessarily the case since writing might take more time to capture the nuances on paper--maybe it is more straightforward with business writing. Does she have a particular place she would like to settle/live there, or just where the job will take her? I imagine Milan must be very expensive but maybe everywhere in Italy is expensive. I think I could pick up Italian fairly easily--I had four years of French in school, one in college, then switched to German for two years before living in Austria and then later learned Spanish on my own mostly with a few courses through a community college and being married to a native Spanish speaker. If I could find somewhere to learn Italian I would do it in a minute!


Oh my, MUST I buy (or I could borrow, but I am not sure my library has it...) The Crocodile? It is really confusing the way foreign mysteries are translated so out of order. I think, however, the first Ricciardi book is actually the first in the series from what I have been able to glean looking around on the internet. ....Okay, my library Does have it and I have requested it--you'll have to let me know what you think of the first of his new series!


I'm going to read The Crocodile first again I think as it has been quite a while since I last read it and I can't really remember a great deal about it. I'm picking up a copy of it tomorrow and hopefully the first one of the new series at the same time - then all I need is to hide away somewhere and read without interruption!
My daughter will be living in Milan as that is where her boyfriend lives. She has spent quite a lot of time there over the last year or so and is getting to know the city so I am sure she will be fine - she will have his family there for back-up as well which is reassuring from my point of view!
She would be quite happy to live in Rome too as she really enjoyed her six months there and I know her previous employers there would be very happy to have her back.
We will just have to see how things pan out!


Is he an Italian boyfriend? I do hope I can get back to Italy again someday! And my library has a copy of the Crocodile, so I am waiting for it to arrive. But I had best get back to Comm. Ricciardi in the meantime--I was trying to finish a few other books before the end of the month, but am ready to go back to Italy now...


He's a great crush isn't he? I am so glad to hear you enjoyed this and looking forward to your thoughts on the second book. I've only read this one and was really impressed.


He is. I wonder if the books have been adapted to TV in Italy and what the actor looks like who might play him? Then again, I am not sure I would want to ruin my mental image of him! I am very much enjoying the second book--I haven't picked it up for a few days as I wanted to finish a few other books, but I will be getting back into the story today. And I have also gotten one of his other books, The Crocodile which is set in contemporary Naples and which I think he is expanding upon in a new series!

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