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So many to choose from! Looking forward to finding out which one you went with :)


I have been doing really well with short story collections this year, but I own so many it gets a bit overwhelming!


I don't know how you'll choose, they all sound inriguing! I expect you'll have an enjoyable time of picking each one up, reading a few lines (pages?) and then seeing which one resonates the most. A true bookish pleasure.


You have an interesting set of collections to choose from!
I have read the Costello and Du Maurier collections and I am pretty sure that I have one or other of the Gilliatt collections and the Nemirovsky volume too!

I seem to do the same with the latter as you - I have quite a collection of her writing but have only read a couple of short stories and half of Suite Francaise.
Definitely must do better!


I think I must have started about half those books looking for just the right fit. I had set aside the Costello thinking I wanted something other than Irish lit, but in the end it is the one I chose!


Me, too. I have piles of them and they all sound good but it is really hard choosing just one. I have only read two collections so far, I think. But I at least am reading at least one story a week. However, my New Yorker reading has been sadly behind. I am not sure if I can even catch up now. A story a day until I do?


Part of the fun really is choosing. I love being able to open the book and read a passage here or there--start the first story and see how it grabs me. Of course too many choices can be sort of bad, too--like sensory overload. Often I have thought about it while reading/finishing a book and then automatically pick whatever has been on my mind. Hopefully the Costello, which I am reading, will prove be be as good as it sounds.


I think I started Suite Francaise when it came out in cloth and borrowed it from the library--but typical library problem--couldn't renew it as it had such a long line of people. Now I own it, and it sits unopened. I have read a smattering and like her work, but I only ever seem to collect it. I hate it when I do that, and I do it a lot! I have been trying this year to pick up more of those authors I 'mean to read' but then ignore, and it has sort of been working. I have read loads of du Maurier. I think this collection has some of her lesser known or not as 'strong' stories, so I hemmed and hawed when I nearly had decided on it. I tend to do that--rather than going on my own instinct will read an Amazon review and let that sway me. You never quite know about those Amazon reviews! I don't often really trust them, but see, they still sway me.

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