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I hope that you continue to enjoy the stories in this collection.
I don't know if The China Factory would count as one of my favourites because it made me sad, but the writing is beautiful and for once the book blurb has it right!
I am currently reading Claire Keegan's Walk the Blue Fields and finding a lot to think about in that as well although it too is a very slight volume.


I have that Keegan! I can see where the stories in this collection would make you feel sad, there is a definite feeling of melancholy to the first two and I suspect that is going to continue throughout the book. I am wondering (and this is just an excuse really to start something more...) if I should read another short collection alongside it? I have Dorothy Whipple's story collection close at hand, too, which I am tempted by. I wonder if I can find a collection of funny, light hearted stories. Surely I must have something!


So this is Costello's first book? Sounds like it is off to a good start!


Yeah--I was a little confused as she has written a novel, too, which I bought first (as yet unread...), but it sounds as though the stories actually came first. And yes, if they are a sign of what's to come this should be another treat of a book!

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