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I would certainly like to read the book but the introduction is so erudite that it is way way beyond me!


Definitely pick up the book--the story is really good! I was a little nervous about the starting the book after I read that intro as it *is* written in a very erudite manner-I thought, what am I getting myself into??? But as it turns out the story is easy going and I did glean enough from the intro for it to be helpful in spotting what Giono is doing. And it would have been fine really just to dive into the story.


Interesting Danielle, very much so. Both because I loved Giono's 'The Man Who Planted Trees' and 'Hill' seems to fall into the same category, and because of the introduction by David Abram. I have 'The Spell of the Sensuous' by him and that is very much about what he writes in the teaser you offered. Not easy but very worth while when sticking to small portions and taking time to digest. He has a new book out: 'Becoming Animal: an Eartly Cosmology' which has gotten a lot of praise already.


Wow! This sounds great! I have to read it some time for sure :)


I think you would really like Hill, too, and it is not a very hefty book--I think only about 112 pages with nice breaks so you can just read it in small spurts. NYRB editions are always nicely designed. I had not even thought of seeing what David Abrams had written--he has quite a few really interesting looking books and my library just has one--Becoming Animal, so I might go and pull it from the shelf just to have a look. I like the sound of Spell of the Sensuous--his writing seems quite thoughtful and as if you need to read it slowly and maybe more than one! But it is a most elegant style so it pairs well with Giono, I think!


There have been really good NYRB selections so far this year. I think this is one you would really appreciate! Do you think you will ever join the classics club again? I was a little annoyed at the beginning of the year with the glitch with my account, but they have me convinced again that this is something I think I want to continue (though I will renew much earlier for next year!).


Not sure if I will join again or not. I still haven't finished those last three books from the first year and I told myself I couldn't join again until I finished them.

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