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I can see this as a Doris Day movie. Or maybe even Grace Kelly. Because she plays innocent so well, but also can be so funny. :)


Mystery, romance, Zanzibar. I think I would like this book.

John Edwards

Mary Stewart and Elizabeth Peters - that is some pair to live up to. I must try her soon.


I thought of Grace Kelly, too. Rear Window came to mind and her bantering with Jimmy Stewart is just the sort of light-hearted back and forth this book had! I have always thought she was one of the most elegant of movie stars!


It's a wonderful read and MM Kaye wrote about five or six of these books all with different exotic settings. I have the rest of them tucked away and am so tempted to pull another out but I must try and stay focused on some other books that haven't gotten much attention from me of late...


Trust me, she holds her own very well. If you like the other two authors I am sure you will like MM Kaye, too. I am sure she is much better known for The Far Pavilions, but I have yet to read that one!


This sounds like it was such a fun read! I loved you imagining what a movie of the story would look like!


This is a very enticing review - you make me want to go and start the copy of Death in Cyprus which is the only one I have managed to find at a half way reasonable price! If she can live up to even half of Mary Stewart's standard then she will be well worth reading.
I do know that she is a very good writer - I adored The Far Pavilions and the second of her big historical novels which I think is The Shadow of the Moon - they are the sort of books that you get utterly consumed by. You are in for a treat when you do get around to reading them - although I suspect that you wont be dragging them to the gym even if they are in paperback form as I recall The Far Pavilions as being absolutely huge!


I'm very visual but I always have a hard time imagining how a book would translate into a movie or who would best play the roles, but somehow as I was reading this one I could totally see it in my mind!


I would say MM Kaye easily rivals Mary Stewart and I love the exotic settings of these books. I also love this era and the books actually written at the time. While I do like historical fiction and some of it can be really, really, good--the books written in the 40s and 50s just capture the feeling so much better because they aren't trying to be something other than reflecting the times they were written. Almost always with historical fiction you feel like you are here looking back. I need to try Far Pavilions--I have it in a mass market edition, which I think now I will have to sell and find a trade size as I am not sure my eyes can take the tiny print--will have to see what it's like. However those mass markets are just so easily transportable they are hard to pass up. I like books that totally sweep you away from the here and now. Sadly, lately, the here and now has been boring and lackluster and hasn't all that much to recommend it, if you know what I mean! (And I think you do since you are having to job search which is never fun).

vicki (skiourophile)

I've loved this series forever -- they stand up to rereading so well too. Like revisiting an old friend.

John Edwards

Just finished Death in Kashmir and loved it!! I have a feeling read Far Pavilions many years ago but can't recall it so will read it again after the Death in ...series.


Hey John, Isnt that a great series?! I loved Death in Zanzibar and think I will dig out the other books eventually this summer. I have not had much reading time this past weekend and have a stack of books waiting for my attention first, but it is nice to know these are waiting in the wings. I know I have never read Far Pavilions--it looks like a perfect sink your teeth into book and would make a great summer reading project!



They are definitely keepers! I love books like this--as much as I love historical fiction, there is nothing like reading books like this that were written in that era as there is no capturing it quite the same way when a book is written now with that setting! I am greedy and would happily like to find more authors/books to read!

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