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Having fun catching up on your posts just now, enjoying them all, and watching my list of books to read growing and growing and growing.
I did not know that May is short story month.


I think pretty much every review I have seen of Jane Steele has been positive so I definitely want to check it out at some point!


I didn't know either--I guess there is a month for everything, right? ;) My eyes, as usual, are bigger than my stomach--or in this case my reading time--as you can see I am endlessly tempted by new books!


I have heard good things about it, too, it's just such an unusual premise I am not sure it would be something I would enjoy--just need to give it a try, I think.


I haven't read Jane Steele but I have read three of Lyndsay Faye's earlier books set in 1840's New York and featuring the city's forerunner to the NYPD - the Copper Stars and found them fascinating and compelling so if Jane Steele is anything like as good it should be excellent.
I didn't know that May was short story month either - maybe that is why I seem to have so many different volumes of them on the go at the moment?


It seems confusingly early for a Best of list for 2016. We are not even at the midpoint of the year yet. Are they considering books from the last half of 2015?


I didn't know May was short story month! Have you read any of the noir series books from Akashic books? I've been impressed with those collections. I'll have to remember to pick up one of these books.


I had no idea she wrote other books. And here I thought this was a first novel. Her earlier books sound really good, too. I came upon the short story month by chance--I guess there is a month for everything, eh?! I only have the Costello collection on the go at the moment, but I have quite a few individual stories just hanging 'out there' that I mean to read--most notably all those New Yorker stories that I have gotten behind on!


I am not sure if this is a 'projected' list and some of the books are forthcoming, but they do all seem to be available now! It seems a little early to me, but it made me look!


I have looked at some of those Akashic collections. I think I read one story from the Tel Aviv collection for my Israeli lit class. There are so many--they seem like perfect books to just dip into and read at whim rather than pick up and read cover to cover!


So could we say you are having a crime spree? ;)


Hah! You could call it that. I am even looking for noir/crime comics! ;)

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