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I have started this new system where I made a pile of books I want to read soon and then I add a new everytime I finish... This morning my mind started drifting and I could easily make the pile three times the size. That is my issue. I want to read everything and there is just not time or everything!


I so much enjoyed this post--I love the personality that's coming through here--you made me chuckle. Bookish types can certainly be a quirky bunch (and that sounds like a fun blog post right there).

I'm not sure what my Kavalier and Clay will be--I finished a book today (The New House, by Lettice Cooper, which I absolutely loved) so there is a spot open for an enterprising book that wants to be noticed. I do have Crusoe's Daugther (Jane Gardam) on hold at the library but can't get there until the weekend to pick it up (and of course I can't wait until then to start a new book). There's no shortage of contenders, believe me.


That is exactly the problem--I want to read everything now, too. Not just everything I see sitting around in piles, but then I start so many books that the current reads pile is huge and I want to drag them ALL around with me. It's messy on both counts b/c as you say, I don't have all the free time I need to make serious dents in them (it is always slow going). Since I am such a total mood reader I seem to have a particular type of story I want to read and every day it is different. Sometimes I can mine my current reads pile for something that will fit and other times I start allowing my eyes to wander to those unread book piles, of which there are Many! ;)


I think we are a little quirky---really serious readers. People who obsess over it like I do (and I suspect you might on occasion, too....). Will you be writing about the Cooper? Please let me know if you do (I have been too afraid to open my Feedly account as by now there must be literally thousands of unread blog posts--maybe they have even stopped letting them into my feed reader as I have not logged in in some time). I can't seem to catch up. I think I have TWO copies of The New House. I had it in a Virago edition and then someone gave me a Persephone edition and I can't bear to get rid of one over the other!). I like Jane Gardam and really need to read more of her books--I liked Crusoe's Daughter. Did you read her Old Filth books--I think she has three of them all written from different perspectives. I only read Old Filth, which was excellent, but maybe you read that one now that I think of it? I am back to reading the first Ken Follett book of his trilogy The Century. I got bogged down in one section set on the WWI battlefields and finally got through it yesterday so now am on my merry way into the story once again! And then I was thinking maybe it is time to pick up an unread Dorothy Whipple--I think I have read nearly all her books--at least that Persephone has published. She's so good, though, I think I could easily move on to rereads of them now!


"So many books, so little time." I have a friend who is retired who tells me she reads at least one book a day. I am so green with envy I could be a spokeperson for Green Giant.


That's my problem with romances in general. She's talented and gorgeous, he's talented, sensitive and gorgeous. I think that's why I like the few Simone St. James books I've read; her protagonists are always flawed in some way.

Glad you found the book!

Had to laugh at the bookbag story. This is why we thank God for e-readers: Picture the scenario. We're going on vacation. I pick a book to take; hubby picks a book to take. Then I think: well, what if I don't want to read this mystery? I'll put in a nonfiction book, too. Husband thinks: well, what if I don't want to read the new David Weber? I'll put in this book about fighter pilots. By the time we left on vacation, we had a reusable shopping bag with eight to ten books in them.

The kicker is that we never read them because when we go on vacation we like to go to museums, and museums mean museum book stores and we'd generally come home with ten MORE books! Now we just take ONE e-reader, and it's handy as a nightlight to go to the bathroom with, too, so you don't have to turn on those godawful fluorescent lights in the middle of the night. :-)


Oh you made me laugh Danielle: "I mean I know I have the habit of having multiple books underway at once, but that doesn't mean they can all be read at the same time."
I knew you have more than one underway at once, I didn't realise though it included carrying them around with you. Maybe a bookbag on wheels might help? :)

My Kavalier & Clay' this weekend? We - meaning my husband reading it to me, started Pascal Mercier's Nighttrain to Lisbon, and the beginning is so good this might very well become a welcome obsession in the coming weeks. (That being your own personal book obsession!).


Glad the case of the missing book has been solved! :) I think we all have lots of little quirks that non-readers probably would think are over the top but that's what makes us bookworms.

I am trying not to have too many books going on right now because I feel like I haven't made progress with any so I'm trying to finish up what I have without starting anything new - boy that is hard! ha.


I had to laugh at your second use for your ereader! The nice thing about them is indeed that you can read in a dark room since they are so nicely illuminated! And they do come in very handy. I do read from my tablet at the gym. I try and find a library copy of an ebook that I am reading in paperback, so I can leave the book at home to read there and then read it too at the gym--prop the tablet up and use my hands to hold on to the machine! I do need to be better at taking Fewer books with me--see it is the same problem--what will I want to read later--must be ready for every situation--hah.

As for the romance question--I also like Simone St James a lot, too. And I have her two most recent books waiting on my pile and even had them in my hands this weekend but as I am trying to finish some other books first... But I almost prefer Harlequin romances sometimes as you know it is often so far fetched and you just read for the entertainment value knowing the whole point more often than not is the romance problem. I like Beatriz Williams a lot and think her other books are more to my taste--Overseas was her first and it is just a little Too too, if you know what I mean and then there is lots of name dropping--Starbucks coffee and fancy clothes--I don't mind chicklit even, but it just wasn't working for me. I just want a good story that has some romance, but the people don't have to be perfect or idealized! I know there are lots of books like that out there, but so often the romance is played down--not the point, so it can be hard to find them!


I'm usually pretty good, but lately I seem to have gotten out of control. If I have three small paperbacks it is not a problem, but when one of the books is a big hardcover and then I add a few more books to the bag and sometimes bring one home from the library--in addition--well, I am so tired by the time I get home from having schlepped all those books. Crazy! I am happy, however, that I am actually reading Kavalier and Clay and it has all come back to me how good a storyteller Michael Chabon is and how much I love this book. I have wondered about the Mercier book, and I will look forward to hearing what you both think of it as you get further in. I think it is totally cool you read a book aloud so you can both enjoy it. I would love to do that if I was in that sort of situation. Hope all is well with you and you have recovered from birthday celebrations!


I sometimes think I need to tag my piles and the hidden row on bookshelves in some way--so I know which authors at least are in each place. If I had a big enough space I could Alphabetize. What a nice thought!! Good for you for keeping the in progress pile all tidy--I truly wish I could whittle mine down. Every time I do a re-shuffle and weed out books I am not enjoying and tidy things up, I still end up with an as big pile somehow--new books seem to take their place!! And I am glad you feel the same way/understand those crazy bookish quirks!


Hah--that made me laugh out loud! I know a lady who sounds quite similar. She was the secretary at my library for a long time and is an enthusiastic mystery reader and I know she can easily polish off one or two a day as well! Even retired I am not sure I could read that fast--but I hope someday I will at least get to try! ;)


Oh, yes, I have my reading quirks, believe me (I'd also have a hard time letting go of either of those copies of The New House). I probably will not write about the Cooper on my blog, so you won't have to worry about that post clogging your feed. I did read Old Filth, but not any of the others in the trilogy (yet). I'm looking forward to Crusoe's Daughter, and while I was waiting to get it, I started (and finished) 84 Charing Cross Road, which I've read many times but I still find delightful. Sometimes you just need a comfort read. Perhaps because our master bath is undergoing renovation and it's been a bit chaotic around here for the past week. My poor cat is unhappy over the noise and hiding under the bed.


It would make a lot of sense to make more than a mental note of what books are where in multi-layered shelves and I do mean to do it, really I do. I even started numbering some of my boxes and making lists of what was in each but that lasted until I got called to do something for someone (I had a full house at the time) and somehow I have never gone back to it!

I think that realistically I need about a week on my own with no other things to do (apart possibly from feeding the cats and myself) so I could at least make a start on getting shelves in order but I'm not sure when or if that is going to happen.
Oh well, I can dream I suppose!


So glad you found the missing book! Maybe you have book elves that were teasing you and kept moving it around and they finally took pity on you :)


My feed reader is beyond clogged--I need to clear it out but I am too afraid to log in! ;) I love 84 Charing Cross Road, too, and have read it several times (and will always keep a copy on hand). You liked The New House a lot, though, didn't you? I need to pick up another Virago or Persephone--and I need more free time, too!! Poor kitty--any upheaval always throws them off!


That's exactly what I want to do, but then I think of the major time suck involved when I have little free reading time as it is and would rather just read the books. But it certainly would help to be organized! (And then I might not waste SO much time searching for books I know I own!).


...Until the next one comes along. I am sure there are book elves that laugh uproariously when this happens! ;) But I am at least well into the Chabon book and quite enjoying the reread, so it was all worth it!

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