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I have had a few days off from my short story reading, probably because I have an embarrassment of riches and couldn't decide which of the volumes I have on the go, I wanted to read!
I have rediscovered a Virago book of crime short stories that has been on my shelf for years so I might add that to the pile for when Celtic melancholy or the Raj aren't to my taste!


You have been on a roll with short stories - that's great! I really like the sound of the Mary Costello collection.


Wow you went all out on the stories this time! What will you do if one of Costello's stories ends up being lighthearted and funny at this point? Will it surprise you by subverting your expectations or will it stick out like a sore thumb from everything else?


I only have one proper book collection started (though lots more sitting on a pile with only story collections), but I do have lots of 'loose' stories that I mean to get to--a few on my tablet in digital form and more New Yorker stories (can also get to the digital archives easy enough thankfully or the paper copies would be piling up awfully about now) and other stories photocopied that I heard about other places and so found them in library anthologies and rather than checking out the books just copied the single stories. So I have an embarrassment of riches, too. I am at the halfway mark o the Costello but might try and just finish it this month since it is a fairly slender book and reading just one very short story a week somehow seems sort of lazy!


I have been doing well with my short story reading--not quite so well with other plans, but that is not really so surprising. I only wish I was better this year with my New Yorker reading-I need to get back into a routine with them. You know how you fall behind in something and just the idea of trying to catch up is so overwhelming?!


I'd be so happy! They are all so very melancholy--lots of unhappy relationships. It's curious as Elizabeth Taylor writes about relationships, too, but the stories have a different flair to them. I will be happy to have my expectations subverted (and Tove Jansson was really good at that)--who knows-maybe I will have a nice surprise this weekend!

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