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I agree that Sylvia Townsend Warner equals Elizabeth Taylor as a writer of short stories but I have always felt that she is far quirkier in style and subject matter.
Admittedly I haven't read a great many of her stories (and none of her novels although I own a few) but she always struck me as being a lot more fey than a lot of writers of her period which is what always appealed to me about her.
I know that I have a Virago edition of her Selected Short Stories and I am pretty sure that the story you mention is in it and that I have read it but it must have been so long ago that I have very little memory off it.
Back to the book shelves for a search again!


That's a good word for her and I agree--her work does seem very fey. ET writes pretty solid mainstream (though brilliant) stories. There is always something a little different, almost whimsical about STW's writing. I have not read nearly what I should considering what I own! I have another of her collections of stories which is a hefty Virago, but then I spotted this slender volume and knew it was the one I wanted!


Wow, well Sylvia just came out of nowhere, I don't think you had even mentioned her! Glad the collection is off to a good start!


She was totally unplanned but I was looking for another book (how often do you hear that from me!) and saw it sitting on a pile of short story collections and just could not resist. And it seems like she is a perfect fit--pure serendipity!

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