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My experience of Tove Jansson's work is the opposite of yours. I read most of the Moomin stories when I was young, and I have only read one of her adult books. One of my primary school teachers read from the Moomin books for us, so I think they are reasonably well known here in Australia. I have not read 'The Moomins and the Great Flood' though.


I read a few of the Moomin stories after I learned of Tove Jansson and before I read The Summer Book. I'd never heard of them as a child, so I don't know, either, how well-known they are here in America. I enjoyed them--they are different than the typical "Once Upon a Time" stories.


For some reason it seems that first book was long out of print. Now I am curious to pick up the next one and compare! I am not sure if I just never happened across the books on my own or if her children's work (and maybe too her adult books until recently) were simply not readily available. They seem like fun books and nice that they are not readily recognizable humans or animals--something different. I remember one of my primary school teachers read aloud some of the Boxcar children books--and they have ever after always stayed with me. I would almost like to revisit them, but I hate to possibly spoil such a fond memory. There is nothing like having stories read aloud to you when you are little!!


I think maybe they are/were not (when I was a child oh so long ago...) very well known on this side of the Atlantic. Maybe now they are more popular? I also like she has a different take on fairy tales. But then I like all her books for that reason--something very different than expected!


This is the first book I read by Tove Jansson and I read it aloud to my kids, we all loved it!


How cool and it even comes child approved! Do they have a favorite story of hers? I very much enjoyed it, too. It is a perfect read aloud story, too!


I've never read the Moomins but they sound delightful. I will have to keep them in mind should the opportunity to buy a book for children of the right age arise


I have to say that I hadn't heard of this Moomin book - I always thought that they started with Finn Family Moomintroll but since I'm not the greatest authority on them I could well be wrong!


You never know! Now I don't feel so bad at never having heard of moomins, since you didn't either. I think she must have been much better known in Europe.


According to the blurb on this book this one was long out of print, so it's likely it was just not around while she was writing the other books. I wonder if she wrote and published this but only a bit later began writing about the moomins properly and those are the books best known. Likely Finn Family was the first moomin book published with an eye to the children's market perhaps?

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