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It was in my list of books of the year last year and I remember being very absorbed in it when it was in progress.
I'm reading the newest Maggie O'Farrell novel 'This Must Be The Place' and it looks as though it will make the Best of list for this year. Typically although I have all of her previous books, this is the first one I have actually read so now I am clearly going to have to fish out all her other books and work my way through those.


I just love the character of Evelyn and would happily revisit both books. Part of me would be happy to have yet another book, maybe one about Meredith, but at the same time I am contented with how it was all resolved that I am afraid to 'mess with' the story! I have several Maggie O'Farrell books, too, and am in line for a library copy of her newest, which I think does not come out there until later in the summer. I read After You've Gone a number of years ago and remember quite liking it, if you are looking for another of her books to pick up after this one. Actually, looking at the list of books available here in the US on Amazon, I think I own all but the newest....yet have only read one. Typical! When I read a book I like and know I will read more by an author I almost always will end up buying all their previous books..... Now I feel like seeing what else I have close at hand, but I had best resist as I slowly make my way through the Simonson. And there is more by McMahon and Moggach that is already at the top of the pile.


Definitely sounds like an author to check out!


I will note down this book and the earlier one; this author is new to me.


I think I started buying the O'Farrell books following a recommendation from someone whose taste I trusted so heavens knows why I have taken so long to actually getting around to reading her!
I know it is very easy to get distracted from your planned reading path so you are wise to stick to reading the Moggach and McMahon books you already have lined up!
I have Tulip Fever and Footsteps respectively when I have managed to finish the library books which have to go back though not sure how quickly I am going to get to them!


I enjoyed The Crimson Rooms, too, so look forward to picking this one up. It sounds even better.


Hah--when I was looking through the Moggach books to choose one (since I have LOTS to choose from!) I saw at least three books by Maggie O'Farrell, so at least I know where they are. We'll see how long it takes to be tempted by them. Have you read Chris Cleave's newest? I have to either start reading rightaway(!) or let it go back to the library--the line is so long I am loathe to let it go as it will take forever to get back in my hands. And I was wondering if you have seen the show The Tunnel? It is a crime drama that will air here in July--it looks quite promising.


You should! She is marvelous!


I think she is not well known here and I am not sure if her more recent books have even ever been published in the US, but she is well worth searching out. I can't wait for a new book by her!


If you have read The Crimson Rooms, you Have to read the sequel!! I won't say anything more, but it is equally as good and yes, I think it is even better....


I have just picked up a copy of the new Cleave and am going to have to start reading it pretty soon as like yours there is a sizeable waiting list and in these days of financial cutbacks the library don't seem to have bought as many copies as they used to!
Haven't even looked at it yet as there are a couple of others which also have to go back but with closer dates! Why do I do this to myself - it's not as if I don't have quite enough pressure to be going on with!
I meant to watch The Tunnel when it was on originally and got around to recording it but sadly our TV box broke before I got around to it.
I know it came highly recommended so I think I will try to catch up with it on the box set option especially as there is a second series on here now.
Not sure how much TV I will manage to watch this summer however as we seem to be heading for wall to wall sport starting in a couple of weeks so maybe my piles of books will come into their own in the coming months!


Hooray for books that make everything that comes after not quite good enough!Best book of the year? The year isn't half done just yet, there might be something else later...


Am thoroughly loving the Cleave novel. I think I need to own it as a matter of fact! :) The Tunnel will be on PBS here in late June or July I think. It looks good--hopefully I'll be able to catch it--though they do stream the episodes for a few weeks after they air. Maybe it will be just long (or short enough) episodes that I can watch them on my ipad at the gym!


She's on the longlist that is for certain, but you are right--I have to hold final choice in reserve for later. I think the book will easily make the top ten though. I have had lots of good reading this year however--it is going so much better than last!


I knew when I read it that there would be a sequel to the Crimson Room. I'm putting The Woman in the Picture on my TBR list!


If you read the first book you HAVE to read this one. Won't give anything away, but it was better than the first. I will certainly reread both books again, too!

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