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Arbor House looks wonderful Danielle - my grandchildren would adore some of that play equipment so I hope that you get to visit there!
Colorado in August sounds even better -all that scenery and cool mountain air. If you are looking for books about female forest rangers, have you read Nevada Barr's series about Anna Pigeon? I haven't read them all by any means but I can't believe that she hasn't set one in Colorado (unless of course there isn't a national park there - please forgive my ignorance for not knowing!)
Weather here appears to have broken if the downpours and grey skies are anything to go by!


So, I wrote a comment, pressed post and vanished! No idea where to so apologise if for some reason it reappears and you get a double comment!
I hope that you get to visit Arbor House on the 4th with your family: it looks fascinating and my grandchildren would just adore that play equipment!
Colorado sounds even more exciting - all that gorgeous scenery and crisp mountain weather and the joy of choosing what books to take!
I know that the character is a park ranger rather than a forest ranger (not a clue if they are the same or different I'm afraid) but have you read Nevada Barr's Anna Pigeon series? I read a few of them in the early 2000's and loved them but have rather lost touch with them now. I bought about 6 of the little paperback versions at Boston airport on our way home from Cape Cod and the customs officer asked if I was afraid of running out of reading matter on the flight home: I didn't know what to say as we had been warned not to make any jokey remarks to customs or passport officers in the USA as they didn't take it well - trust me to get the one guy with a sense of humour!

Susan E

Your weekend and August plans sound lovely, especially the beautiful spot in Colorado. Thanks for the tip about Margery Allinghan. I must not have been quite quick enough, but they still had Tiger in the Smoke at a big discount, and it is one of my favorites! Now I've got some good rereading ready for the holiday weekend ;). Happy Fourth!


Enjoy the long weekend & I hope your cold disappears. I loved your Lost in the Stacks posts so I do hope you decide to resurrect them. Choosing a year or a letter is a great idea.


Summer colds are the worse! Feel better soon!


Oh no summer colds are the pits! I hope you feel better soon and can enjoy the long holiday weekend!


I am so looking forward to our little day out excursion to Arbor Lodge. They have a little gift store, which I hope might have a few postcards I can bring home and share! ;) I think you might have mentioned Nevada Barr to me, but when I went to look I didn't see any of her books listed in my Library Thing library. I will have to investigate her further. I have a bit of time to think about my reading for Colorado. And it is SO nice to have something to look forward to-even if it is only a weekend trip. Yes, they do have a national park--the Rocky Mountain National Park is right in Estes--hence I think the draw to create a little town there. It was a huge draw (and has been ever since) for people wanting to see the mountains. (And considering how bad my own knowledge of any sort of geographic of the UK, I wouldn't expect you to know where our parks are here!). I shall be sending postcards from there as well come the time.


After having taken a quick glance at her books I can't believe I haven't read any or bought any which makes me think I must have at least one lurking about so will look again tonight. I'm surprised the customs agents wouldn't be a little more jokey--although federal employees probably do have a bad reputation! Worse now all things considered. Still, it sounds like you had the one 'odd man out' and could actually laugh--well, I hope it was a sincere joke. I think a trip to the used bookstore is in the plans this weekend and I am sure I will find *something* there by her. And Typepad has been bad lately--someone else said they were not able to leave a comment at all, and now yours has gone through after all. Still, am happy to have them both!


So sorry about the mis-information. I think I must have seen the free Kindle book for subscribers and assumed that was the link for everyone. Still, as you say 99 cents is a good buy and I took advantage of it, too! I can't wait to go back to Colorado, but it is nice that it is something a bit later to look forward to. A little more instant gratification this weekend with our day trip to Arbor Lodge. I plan on taking my camera. Have a terrific weekend, too!


Thanks. I am feeling better today but still an itchy throat. I just want to be well for our little sightseeing day on the Fourth! And I think I will start the lost in the stacks posts again and have even selected a book to start off with. May even get it going for tomorrow... Thanks for the little nudge as I have been thinking about it for a while now!


Yeah, they are a drag. It is already hot and sticky and then all the worse to feel flushed and icky on top of it all. Do you have a long weekend, too in Canada? Happy Canada Day tomorrow!


Blech. Where on earth did I pick that up? The gym probably. I shudder to think of all those sweaty germs! But best not to think about them too hard! Have a good long weekend, too! You shall be getting a postcard or two from my extra free time!


I'm sorry you're feeling bad, Danielle. It's a bummer to be sick at any time of the year, but a summer cold seems like a slap in the face. Hope you enjoy your four-day weekend--I think being sick means you should put aside any chores you might have and spend extra time resting...with book in hand, naturally.

We're STILL renovating our bathroom and doing home projects, so I expect we'll do some of that this weekend, and we'll have my mother-in-law visiting for a couple of nights. I would prefer a nice, leisurely, lay-by-the-pool sort of weekend, but I don't know that I'll get it. Maybe on Monday we'll all be tired and ready just to hang out. (Confession: I'm ready for that right now!)


Yeah, there is nothing like being hot and sticky twice over--all very icky indeed!I am looking forward to the long weekend for some rest that's for sure. As nice as it may be to spend time with family, when you have so much disorder (in the way of renovations) it is nice to not have to worry about anything at all--most of all not having to entertain. Hopefully it will be laid back for you in any case. And I do hope you get in a little time by the pool! (Time also which involves reading!).


I love historic homes! Hope you are feeling better soon!

elizabeth Wix

Hope you feel better soon!
Happy summer reading. I'm taking a break from fiction and luxuriating in Simon Sharma's Landscape and Memory.Originally published some twenty years ago it's amazing!
All about nature and myth and man;s relationship to it.


Because of my kind of extreme book consumption habits (something I know you understand), I use Kindle Unlimited where I have read a lot of the Allingham titles for free. Or, rather, just the small cost of that monthly subscription. Good source if you don't feel the need to own the copies you read.


I am much better though I think my sinuses are going to never stop running....Ick. I love visiting historical places, too!


Thanks--I am better though not quite entirely over the cold. I will have to look up the Sharma book--sounds interesting. And sometimes it is nice not to get caught up in all the new books but enjoy something older. I am not doing very well with my NF reading, but I am trying to get back on track. Happy reading to you, too! :)


Do you have to be a Kindle owner to take advantage of the service? I have thought of doing it (I have Amazon Prime...), but I only read on a tablet via the kindle app. Some books I want to own, but others it is nice to just have as an ebook so I can read them at the gym or when traveling. I will have to look into it! (And sometimes it is a good thing NOT to keep accumulating so many paper copies).

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