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Christine Harding

Much as I love STW I'm not sure she suits my mood today... I want fluff and sunshine and happy-ever-after... Something to lift me out of the gloom of an English summer's day... It's one of those days when nothing seems to fit the bill...


I know what you mean. You definitely need to be in the right mood for her stories. I very much mood read and will often pick up books (short story collections are really good for this) on whim for setting or style. Of course this is usually how I get myself into trouble with so many books on the go at once! :) I hope you managed to find something good to escape into!

Terra at Terragarden blog

Interesting stories, and I like the bits of humor you mention.


Some good stories. I especially like the sound of the first one! So are you now reading two story collections at the same time? That's so wild and crazy!


I have to make myself slow down so I catch everything and still I think I am not reading carefully enough. Some of what she writes, though, is a real hoot!


Pure greed on my part. But I figure short story collections are easy enough to dip into and then set aside for a while without fear of losing the thread. The first story I wrote about was my favorite, too!

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