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I have a volume of letters exchanged between Sylvia Townsend Warner and William Maxwell "The Element of Lavishness" unread in my bookcase. Bought on an impulse and one of the very few books of letters in my collection still unread.
Maybe time is nearing to change that.


That would make a good companion read. Unfortunately my library doesn't have it. I don't really know anything about STW but I love her stories. I would be curious to learn more about her. Considering Maxwell is such a wonderful writer as well--their letters are probably really interesting!


...had to look that volume of letters up on Amaazon--the same publisher who published the collection of stories I am reading now also published those letters and there are cheap used copies which now (such temptations!) I might have to avail myself of.... ;)


So...I decided to go and get my Virago collection of her stories because I know where it is and I am in the mood for something a little fey. But guess what - the book is not where I remembered it being or anywhere else in plain sight!
I swear I have book gremlins in this house with a mission to frustrate me!


What fun stories! You have been doing really well at choosing the collections this year!


They are Never where they are supposed to be. And yes, of course, you will not be able to rest until you find it. Or at least I would not be able to, so I sympathize. Good luck with the search! I broke down and ordered a book of letters AND a biography of her. Why not make it a project. And no doubt when all books are assembled some other subject will have grabbed my attention.


I have! No dragging my feet when it comes to my short story reading. I only wish I could say the same for those poor New Yorker stories. Not anything against reading them, just a matter of not enough time.

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