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I saw your earlier review of some of the stories in this book and decided to order it. I'm not a big short story fan, but I absolutely devoured this book and will have to look for more of her writing.


I am so thrilled to hear you say that! I love it when another reader picks up a book of short stories and even better to know you devoured it! Isn't she wonderful? I think she is best known for her novel Lolly Willowes which I have and plan to read eventually, too. I also bought a book of letters exchanged between STW and William Maxwell (another author I am most impressed by). Which stories were your favorite in this collection?

Christine Harding

Haven't read either of these - neither of them is in my VMC Selected Stories. But I know what ou mean about the feeling that something dark is happening. Some of the tales in my book are very eerie and otherworldly, especially those originally published in Kingdoms of Elfin. I might treat myself to the book you have.


She has such a light touch I have to read her stories sort of slowly or go back and make sure I caught what was really happening. Is your VMC the big chunky collection? This one I have is fairly slim but there are a lot of stories in it--a nice, attractive hardcover that I bought cheap even!

Christine Harding

Mine is the chunkster I think. Definitely not slim! Published in 1990. Cover picture is Nature Morte a la Guitare by Leon Smet A paperback, in pristine condition. I doubt the original owner had even looked through it, let alone read it. You are right about reading her slowly. I always think she is a sly writer. She lulls you into a kind of false sense of security, because to start with everything seems quiet and normal, then she slips sideways, so subtly you almost miss it, and you are somewhere else entirely


It's sort of sad to think the original owner might not even have cracked it open, but then again-how nice for you that it is in pristine condition. I think I might have the same edition (though VMC often changes the cover illustrations). I like how you describe her writing--slipping things in sideways is just what she does. You don't even notice at first and then, wait a minute, let me read this again.... I am looking forward to this weekends stories and might get started on them tomorrow rather than waiting for Sunday. I both want to race through and make myself slow down!

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