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Stefanie introduced me to William Carlos Williams a few years, I think he is a great poet and the f the design goes very well with ( the thought of) his work.


I shouldn't hurry while commenting, forgot 'ago' and 'f the ' are rather superfluous I'm afraid. Sorry about that.


Yay for the red wheelbarrow! :)

The Bailey's Prize has been announced and I know nothing about Glorious Heresies. Kind of impressive it is a debut novel.


No getting away from the Irish is there? I haven't read it and hadn't realised that it was one of the favourites - I'm afraid that any novel which is hailed as new and innovative tends to put me off as it often translates as unreadable for me!
I did get part way through Ruby before the library wanted it back. It isn't a book that I could read quickly but I thought that some of the writing was beautiful and I will definitely go back to it although I might wait until I can find a cheap copy to buy as it is the sort of book I need to take my time over.
The sampler is coming along beautifully!


He is someone I really should check out as I think I could get on with him well! I am glad she mentioned this poem. So I have had a bit of poetry this week!


No worries--my fingers tend to go faster than my brain and always there is a collision.... ;)


Good catch--I love it when I can mix reading and stitching! They tend to pick something very different anymore when it comes to the Baileys prize--something slightly more cutting edge or by a new author. I am curious about the book and have brought it home. Whether I will actually sit and read it will be another question (seeing as my reading pile is growing rather larger these days).


Apparently not! ;) That's okay, I really do very much like Irish lit, but I like to intersperse books with other kinds to keep a nice variety if you know what I mean. I tend to shy away from anything that is too innovative as well as sometimes it seems to come at the expense of the storytelling, though from what I have read a lot of people really liked this, so I have it at home and we'll see.... I am more curious about Ruby now that I have read other reader's opinions than I was at first when I just read the blurb. It seemed a little too full of awful sounding things. Sometimes those sorts of books are actually okay, but I need to be in the right mood. So I will give it a go at some point, but I seem to be pulled in so many bookish directions now I don't quite know What to pick up next! :)

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