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I haven't read Dorothy Hughes although her name is ringing bells for some reason - maybe my mum read her at some time.
I've also got two or three James Ellroy books on my shelves because they were recommended by a former colleague but typically I haven't so much as looked at them! I really should concentrate more rather than flit about like a mayfly!


Should I feel guilty? I knew the Connolly would be just as fatal for you as it is for me. :-)
She is a great writer, isn't she. So full of atmosphere.


Books To Die For also added several books to my list. Thankfully, many of them are to be found at my local library! Persephone has published a Dorothy Hughes novel: The Expendable Man. I have a copy but haven't read it yet.


Several of her books were also made into movies so you might have come across her that way, too. If you like noir-ish stories, I highly recommend her--not to make your reading pile even larger! I didn't realize that James Ellroy had written so many books--I only have one so I should really start there but that doesn't stop me from looking at the rest... And I am equally as bad when it comes to flitting about with my reading. I have not finished more than one or two books yet this month-rather sad considering how big my reading pile is.


Well....not too guilty. I shouldn't be starting yet more books but I have long wanted to read her and am happy to finally get that little nudge. Once you get into the story it is hard to put the book down. And yes, she is a very good writer and she pulls you along with the perspective she writes from. I can just imagine that foggy California setting. :)


I bought Books to Die For and then promptly set it aside and it went from my mind. It does have many temptations in it, doesn't it?! It's funny as Dorothy Hughes both does not seem like a Persephone author, but she does since it is 'domestic' crime she writes about--I think I have a different edition of The Expendable Man--must go read the description now to see what the story is like. Am very much enjoying A Lonely Place!


I think some months are just like that - mine are very varied too. Looking back through my reading diary I see that while most months I am in double figures for books finished, there are others when I only finish five or six and it has nothing to do with whether I am busy or not or the length of the books. There probably is a common factor, but I haven't worked out what it is yet!


Well, this is one of those months. Maybe it is the heat? I have made a list and am going to try and focus on the books I am closest to finishing or the ones that have really grabbed my attention. I think Brighton Belle will be one of them. I rarely have a double digit month, so if I can't even finish two I am not happy. Eight is my usual number--If it is a good month.

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